39 users: 4.3 / 5
6 experts: 85 / 100
Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 5.3oz / Women 5.3oz
Heel to toe drop: Men 4mm / Women 4mm
Arch support: Neutral

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5 reasons to buy

  • Many runners took note of the lightweight construction of the Nike Air Zoom Streak LT 3.
  • It has breathable mesh and arch band that provide efficient foot lock down.
  • Some runners felt the updated technology in the forefoot provides enhanced toe spring.
  • The outsole has blown rubber waffle for added durability and cushioning.
  • The Streak LT 3 is affordable to most runners.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some runners did not like the light colors of the Streak LT 3.
  • Others felt that the traction is not really improved especially when running on wet and soft surfaces.

Bottom line

The updated version of the Nike Air Zoom Streak LT offers enhanced responsiveness, arch support, and has a wider forefoot for improved toe spring. Most runners applauded the durable and comfortable construction of the shoe. It is great for daily running, walking and even on light trail runs.

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/100 by Kory Mueller, posted on .

The Nike Zoom Streak LT3 is a lightweight trainer and racer that is a ton of fun when looking to pick up the pace or lace up for a race.

It provides a light breathable upper, rubber waffle patterned sole, and a no-frills midsole. If you're looking for a tempo run and/or a speedwork shoe the Streak LT3 could be the answer.


The Nike Zoom Streak LT3 


This is a tight fitting shoe throughout the midfoot and heel with a much wider toe box than previous versions.

The shoe does fit a half size or more smaller than standard sizing. I went up a half size and I still feel the fit is too snug unless I wear thin socks.

I enjoy the fact that the eyelets are spaced wide enough apart and the laces are plenty long. This allows for more lacing options and the ability to accommodate those with a larger foot volume.


The Laces


In addition, the long laces allow for use of the last eyelet which is great for runners looking to lock down the heel. I found this contrasting to many other racing flats with shorter laces.

I also like that there is only one welded overlay, this creates a lightweight and breathable upper. The bands supporting the mid-foot provide plenty of stretches while providing support at the same time.


Midfoot Support Bands


The Streak LT3 rides like many racing flats. It is light, flexible, and rides better when running at higher speeds.

The shoe provides plenty of ground feel, those runners looking for a sleek low flat shoe will enjoy the Streak LT3. However, at times I felt the ride to be a little harsh. This is especially true as I fatigue at the end of longer workouts.

There is a plastic shank you can see through the outsole (picture below). The shank provides a similar snappy feel to that of the Nike Zoom Streak 6.


The plastic shank


This shank and ground feel create a ride that I really enjoyed over shorter distances (under 10 miles) and at tempo run pace or faster.

This shoe also features a prominent toe spring. This helps provide a quick response at toe-off.

Because of the ride and cushioning in the Streak LT3, I was forced to run with better form and at a slightly higher cadence. Any shoe that can help with form earns kudos from me.

The cushioning on the Streak LT3 is good for distances under 10 miles and probably will hold up at the half marathon distance for some. However, I would lean towards the Nike's Zoom Streak 6 if you're in the market for a marathon race day shoe.


Streak LT3 cushioning


The Streak LT3 is great at running at fast paces and shorter distances. The mesh in the upper was breathable and kept my feet comfortable during mid-summer workouts.

The outsole of the Streak LT3 lacks the performance of previous versions. I feel a loss of grip on unpaved and wet surfaces.

I often used the past version (Zoom Streak LT2) on single track trails and it proved to be just fine. However, the LT3 lacks that ability. It struggled for grip on loose dirt and rocks.


The Outsole 


The durability of the upper has been surprisingly good. After about 150 miles I cannot find a stitch out of place.

This is great for a shoe under 6 ounces. There is no tearing in typical places: the toe box or where the upper and mid-sole meet.

I often blow out the uppers at 150-200 miles in many similar lightweight shoes.


Durable upper after 150 miles


The outsole durability doesn't receive as much praise.

Much the toe area is showing a good amount of wear at the toe-off point and I don't foresee there being much if any rubber left here in 40-50 more miles.


  • Good ground feel but not harsh
  • Plastic shank providing plenty of snappiness
  • Ride helps me run with better form
  • Upper durability
  • Wider toe box
  • Price Point 


  • Only enjoyed running in it at faster paces & shorter distances
  • Outsole grip lacking compared to previous versions
  • Outsole durability


The Nike Zoom Streak LT3 performs great at what it is designed to do, speed work.

The LT = lightweight trainer and at less than 6 ounces it is just that. Although this shoe is great for running fast, it was a step back from previous versions.

With a price point well under $100, this shoe is definitely worth a look for those looking for a new shoe for faster workouts.

Kory Mueller | Level 4 expert Verified
Two of my passions in life are teaching and living an active lifestyle. As a middle school science teacher and cross country coach, I express both passions on a daily basis. I'm passionate about being active and the outdoors, which usually involves running both on the road or hitting the trails. In fact, over the past several years I have participated in 5k road races, as well as trail and road marathons.

  • The Nike Air Zoom Streak LT 3 has an updated upper. It uses a lightweight mesh that is highly breathable and engineered to deliver a comfortable feel. The mesh has arch band that wraps the heel for a more secure and snug fit.
  • The shoe features the updated midfoot shank that delivers crucial torsional stability and efficient arch support. This new feature allows lively response.
  • Another update is the wider forefoot that gives more room for the toes, enhancing toe spring. With this enhancement, runners with wider foot and those with bunions and high arches found a comfortable fitting on this shoe.

The size of the Air Zoom Streak LT 3 is half size smaller than the standard running shoe. It is a unisex running shoe that is available in men’s sizing. Generally, to get the right sizing, women should take off 1.5 sizes from the women's standard shoe size. Totally different from the previous version, this shoe has a wider forefoot, accommodating runners with wider foot measurements.

The outsole of the Nike Air Zoom Streak LT 3 is durable since it uses the brand’s waffle-patterned outsole that delivers impressive traction, keeping runners upright on both dry and wet conditions. This carbon rubber material also gives added cushioning.

Strategically located in the shoe’s midsole is the Cushlon LT. This midsole material is also used in the Streak LT 4 for a plush and resilient cushioning. The TPU Shank in the midfoot delivers a lively response and enhanced heel-to-toe transition. It also uses the brand’s notable Air Zoom that consists of discreet pressurized air pockets. These air pockets naturally flex while running, giving an enhanced responsive cushioning.

The upper unit of the Nike Air Zoom Streak LT 3 uses a lightweight engineered mesh that offers maximum comfort and breathability. The added arch band wraps and securely holds the heel in place. The upper was designed to deliver flexibility without adding weight.

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Same sizing as Nike Air Zoom Streak LT 4.

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