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8 reasons to buy

  • A number of reviewers hail the secure fit of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shield.
  • It is very comfortable when worn, shared several purchasers.
  • According to some customers, the shoe does not require a break-in period.
  • The running shoe effectively wicks away moisture, claimed multiple runners.
  • Numerous buyers praise the ample cushioning of the shoe.
  • Quite a few commend the support of the trail running shoe.
  • It has good multi-surface traction, observed various runners.
  • Some athletes have noted that the shoe has sufficient lockdown.

4 reasons not to buy

  • The outsole composition of the trail shoe is bulky, expressed some testers.
  • One commenter is disappointed because the shoe is too tight.
  • Some shoppers state that the running shoe lacks durability.
  • The neutral running shoe is too rigid, remarked a number of wearers.

Bottom line

Perfect for all weather conditions, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shield does not settle for less when it comes to surface adherence. With an outsole engineered specifically for wet routes, nothing is more perfect than a water-repellent upper as a supplementary component. With such makeup, runners can expect a slippage-free, breathable running experience. With the Air Zoom Pegasus 36, support, comfort, and durability are highlighted.

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Our reviews

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The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shield is meant for more autumn and winter conditions. It is basically your standard Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, but the upper and outsole have been adapted for wet conditions.

I’ve tested this shoe in different conditions and was somewhat surprised by the outcome.




The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shield is a neutral running shoe that weighs 246 grams in the women’s model and has a 12mm forefoot stack and a 22 mm heel stack, giving it a 10mm drop. 




This is the Shield version of the Pegasus 36, meaning that the upper is water-repellent. The upper is made out of an engineered mesh. On the top of the foot this has remained exposed to give the shoe some breathability.

On the edges of the shoe, there is a water-repellent layer on top of the mesh, and the seams are sealed. 




There are some reflective details on the shoe since Nike expects you to wear these in the darker months of the year. The shoe has the characteristic elf ear heel that the Pegasus 36 also has an internal heel counter. 




Rather than regular eyelets, this shoe has loops where the laces go through. There is no additional padding in the tongue and some medium padding in the heel. The tongue is semi-detached from the rest of the upper. 


The midsole is the same as in the regular Nike Pegasus 36 with the cushlon ST foam, made from EVA, is a bit stiffer to give you a bit more speed. And the Air Zoom unit along with the entire midsole that provides you with enough cushioning. 




The Pegasus 36 Shield is slightly bouncy and has some decent cushioning, so it won’t slow you down, and you can do longer runs in this shoe without any trouble. 


The outsole is the second part of the Shield. It has also been adapted for wet conditions, just like the upper of this shoe.

It is made out of storm-thread wet traction rubber. It has a really good traction and also makes this shoe suitable to run on easy trails should you want to. 




There is a crash rail on the lateral side of the outsole that helps with stability, however, this remains a neutral shoe. 




I had my regular running shoe size and that was fine. It was a bit on the narrower side, like all Nike shoes, but it wasn’t a real issue. 




This shoe will protect your feet from roads that are a bit wet or when you are running through wet grass. Some rain will splash right off the shoe, but it won’t keep your feet dry when you run through a puddle.

I know this shoe is water-repellent and not waterproof, but I just assumed it wouldn’t be an issue if I ran through the puddle quickly due to the water-repellent layer, but I still got wet feet since it came through the engineered mesh on the top of the shoe.

Which makes me wonder why the seams are sealed if the top will just let in the water anyway. If you really want to keep dry feet while running through some water or in heavier rain, you’d better find yourself a pair of running shoes with Gore-Tex.  




When it comes to reviewing running shoes, there are roughly three types of running shoes: ones with exciting new technology, ones with obvious flaws, and the ones that are just good, decent shoes but nothing new or exciting about them.

That last category is the hardest to write about. What do you say about a good, decent shoe that isn’t super exciting? However, that probably makes them the best category to own.

You generally don’t want the ones with obvious flaws, and the ones with exciting, new technology do have to suit your needs. It doesn’t just automatically become a good shoe because it has exciting technology. However, the good, decent, non-exciting ones are more suitable for a wider variety of runners. 




The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shield is one of those shoes. It’s a good, decent shoe. There is nothing wrong with it, but also nothing exciting about it.

If you like the Nike Pegasus, but want a shoe that is water-repellent, this is the perfect shoe for you, just don’t expect it to keep all the water out. Having said that, it does help to keep your feet a bit warmer and a bit dryer in those darker months. 

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Good to know

  • This road running shoe, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shield, is intended for users who have neutral foot motion. With improved upper construction, the shoe will help the user to excel in different running activities. It utilizes the waterproof upper that aims to keep the foot fresh and dry at all times. This Shield model from Nike will give the user enough foot protection when running on wet grounds and rainy weather conditions. 
  • The integrated tongue unit is used in making the shoe. The primary goal of this material is to offer better support.
  • Featured in the shoe is the beveled heel. This component of the platform offers better ankle support.
  • The outside sole waffle pattern is utilized in the running shoe. This pattern is focused on providing wet traction gripping to deliver higher resistance on slippery and wet surfaces.

A rubber crash rail is integrated into the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shield. This material lies on the lateral side of the outsole that aims to deliver a smoother ride. 

Utilized in the shoe is the raised rubber. This material is described to be shock-absorbing. This is essential in providing the right amount of traction during the running session.

Featured in the running footwear is the waffle pattern outsole. This pattern is strategically designed to have small cuts to provide flexibility without sacrificing multi-surface traction. Another purpose of this is to deliver additional durability to the platform.

The Zoom Air is integrated into the forefoot area of the shoe. This component of the Pegasus 36 Shield is meant to offer energy-returning and bounce with each stride. As a result, more responsive riding experience is enjoyed by the user.  

The full-length Cushlon foam is utilized in crafting the running shoe. With the utilization of this foam, a more comfortable ride is promoted. This is essential in giving the user a resilient and plush cushioning during the running activity. 

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shield uses the improved Flymesh upper. The primary goal of this is to enhance the breathability of the platform. It also aims to deliver a more responsive cushioning. With the use of the Flymesh upper, the runner is sure to push farther and take his performance to the next level. 

Along with the Flymesh is the engineered mesh upper. This cloth-like material is focused on providing water-repellent properties that aid in keeping the foot cool and dry. As a result, a healthier foot environment is encouraged. 

Featured in the shoe is the lace-up closure system. Along with the lace-up closure is the Dynamic Flywire cables. Nike added these features to provide a more secure fit. This is essential in preventing any shoe removal during the running session.

Used in crafting the running shoe are lightly padded tongue and collar. The main goal of this is to deliver additional comfort to the foot.

The fabric lining is integrated into this running shoe. This material is significant in delivering a fantastic in-shoe feel. 

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shield features the beveled heel and rubber-outsole strip. This component of the shoe helps to ensure that the foot will land in the right and proper position. This is vital in preventing any possible injury during ground contact. 

The reflective details are used in crafting the shoe. Nike added this feature to make the user more visible, especially when running in low-light condition

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Jens Jakob Andersen

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