Who should buy the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run

This running-inspired basketball shoe is going to make the following happy:

  • Guards who are quick on their feet and need help with propulsion
  • Wearers who want basketball shoes that double as lifestyle sneakers
  • Players who do not have wide feet
  • Athletes who play mostly indoors

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run gt run buy

Who should NOT buy this Nike basketball shoe

Hoopers who are fond of outdoor games are not advised to wear the Nike Air Zoom GT Run. They are better off with the Nike Cosmic Unity.

Also, wide-footers are not expected to have a heyday with this. The Jordan Zion 1 is a more viable option for them. They may also want to try the Nike LeBron 19 and other LeBron James basketball shoes from Nike.

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run gt run not buy

Compression or energy return? You don't really have to choose

The cushioning system is composed of full-length Nike React with stacked Zoom Air and Zoom Strobel in the forefoot. The resulting experience is so great that an avid reviewer gleefully exclaimed that the cushioning system "isn't just a sandwich, it's a damn double-cheese chicken McMuffin!" 

Specifically, this setup satisfactorily delivers both court feel and impact protection. Though this shoe is geared toward smaller and agile players like guards, bigger players are expected to have a nice time in this Nike model as well.

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run gt run cushion

The insole's not as nice

While the grippy insole is there to avoid internal slippage, there are a considerable number of users who believe that the shoe is better without it. One of them goes as far as saying that the insole is "garbage!" Another reports that replacing the insole with something else "opened up the heavens" for them.

Nike Air Zoom GT Run: Foot lockdown ensured

The upper's two layers of lightweight materials are reinforced with haptic prints, and this results in a structure that provides what an expert describes as "lovely god-like" support. The same expert also takes notice of how the laces make sure that the foot is locked down "pretty damn well." A user agrees, saying that the shoe is just able to hug the foot in all the right places.

There are also players who talk about how good the ankle support is. Finally, there is one user who shares that the rear part "cups your heel perfectly." Given all this, it is safe to conclude that the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run is a beast when it comes to foot containment. However, it must be noted here that the shoe may need some break-in time before it unleashes all the goodness just described. Fortunately, an athlete reports that it won't take long.

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run gt run support

The GT Run has a light outsole with a solid grip

The Nike Air Zoom GT Run has a really good bite on cleaner courts. While the outsole rubber "feels solid" according to a player, it is still flexible enough to bend slightly with the wearer's movements. Hence, it is able to provide traction even during the most peculiar angles. Also, the rubber compound has strategic cutouts and perforations that are aimed at reducing weight.

Interestingly, the outsole needs to be broken in before it starts working as it should. It is said that the outsole has a protective film that has to be shed off with continuous use.

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run gt run traction

Wide-footers, be warned

The following are the words used to describe the fit of the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run:

  • "very narrow"
  • "tight-fitting"
  • "way too slim"
  • "not for wide feet"

It's clear that the fit is snug and that those players with wide feet need to make size adjustments. It is also wise if they ditch this and just look for another basketball shoe. 

Nike Air Zoom GT Run: High on breathability

The upper, though made of cheap-feeling materials, has strategically placed holes that allow proper ventilation. Because of this, the feeling of comfort in this is totally noteworthy. One user even claims that the feeling of comfort is still there even after wearing the shoe for the whole day.

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run gt run breathable

Streetstyle, check! Street games, not really

Basketball players report that the GT Run from Nike is "edgy and looks really cool" and "aesthetically on point." Another is happy that his feet "look really unique" when wearing the GT Runs. Given all these, this Nike basketball shoe can definitely be paraded on the streets for casual strolls around town or fun gigs with friends.

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run gt run looks

However, the tread on the outsole is thin and not deep enough, an expert points out, so this shoe is not recommended for use in more strenuous outdoor basketball games.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 11.6oz
Top: Mid
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Nike Air Zoom G.t., Nike Air
Features: Ankle support
Colorways: Purple / Black / White / Blue / Brown
SKUs: CZ0202001 / CZ0202106 / CZ0202200 / CZ0202300 / CZ0202400 / CZ0202604 / CZ0202900 / DM5044001

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