Our verdict


The Nike Air Zoom GT Jump really lives up to expectations. Heavier men who love lots of impact protection and bounce are happy with this one. Guards and smaller players may benefit more from other models in the GT series: the Run and the Cut.


  • Bounce and impact protection
  • Thin but durable upper
  • Consistent traction
  • Wraparound comfort
  • Supportive one-to-one fit
  • Effective support features


  • Needs break in
  • Heavy
  • High off the ground
  • Not for outdoors

Who should buy the Nike Air Zoom GT Jump

Given the amount of cushioning that this shoe has, it's quite clear that it is made for players who are heavier and in need of a lot of impact protection. As its name suggests, this shoe is great for players who do a lot of jumping movements such as rebounds and blocks. 

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from Nike

The Air Zoom GT Jump won't be as effective for the following players:

  • Nimble guards who value court feel, they are better off with the other GT variants or Nike's signature offers such as Nike KD 14.
  • Outdoor players who might be distracted by the exposed Zoom units; they should get the Kyrie 7 instead.

Nike Air Zoom GT Jump means bounce. Period.

It promises to deliver bounciness, and deliver bounciness it does. Make no mistake; impact protection is still there.

It feels like a synergistic combination of the cushioning systems of the Nike LeBron 19 and the Air Jordan 36.

But yeah... court feel just wasn't there

Because of the thick cushioning system, the shoe sits high off the ground. This effectively sacrifices the wearer's feel of the ground.

Grip was dependable with or without dust.

Though it's always better to play on cleaner courts, it must be noted that the Air Zoom GT Jump did not falter on dusty surfaces.

Upper? You bet it's sturdy!

The materials that make up the upper may be thin, but they sure are resistant to abrasion. Even after being stepped on several times, they still don't show serious signs of wear and tear.

These materials also provide the much-needed response, especially during aggressive cuts and side steps.

The Nike Air Zoom GT Jump locks down the foot securely

The support features in this shoe work as they should. For example, the wide base keeps rides stable. Also, the cushion that comes up the sides cages the foot in.

The GT Jump needs some getting used to

This Nike shoe, particularly the Jump Frame in the rear area, has to be broken in. It doesn't take long to break this one in though.

This shoe delivers comfort all around

The upper materials are lined with fabric underneath to ensure next-to-skin comfort. The soft cushion also ensures underfoot goodness.

Avoid outdoor games, perhaps?

The Nike Air Zoom GT Jump is expensive, so you might want to rethink subjecting it to the harshness of the outdoors. While the actual outsole is durable, the shoe's Zoom units are also exposed; keeping it indoors is actually a necessary precaution.