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7 reasons to buy

  • One person said that he was an avid fan of the Nike Air Safari sneakers and loved every retro-ed version of the classic.
  • The materials used for the sneaker has been hailed to be of good quality by many.
  • Many buyers said that the Nike Air Safari low top is comfortable to wear.
  • Another sneakerhead was impressed with the sneaker for being stylish and very eye-catching.
  • Some people who owned a pair observed that the sneaker fits true to size.
  • The constant addition of new colors is a decisive factor for the majority of buyers.
  • The Nike Air Safari is great for mixing and matching with a lot of outfits, a few reviewers said.

1 reasons not to buy

  • One buyer complained about seeing the shoe glue on the front side panels of the sneaker.

Bottom line

Hailed as one of those Nike lifestyle shoe staples that sneakerheads should collect, the Nike Air Safari is a definite blast from the past. This sneaker delights many fans, especially with the quality use of good materials. Its stylish design and colors give the shoe a pop of character and spunk to the outfit that one is wearing. It’s also comfy to wear and has a nice fit without the need to size up or size down.



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A top rated Nike sneaker
It has never been more popular than this June

The Nike Air Safari has a mixture of leather, synthetic, and textile for its construction that keeps the foot comfy. Meanwhile, the Air-Sole cushioning allows one premium comfort as well. It also has laces which makes it perfect for getting the right fit.

As for the Nike Air Safari’s sizing, the sneaker comes in sizes for men with sizes starting at 6 going all the way up to 15 US. Half sizes are available for the Air Safari. As much as it would be great for there to be a pair of women’s Nike Air Safari, Nike has yet to release this. On the brighter side, women can still cop a pair of the iconic kicks by converting sizes. Simply go down a size and half from the usual to get the shoe size in men’s sizing.

Without question, style is epitomized in the Nike Air Safari with every inch of the low top well planned out. It’s iconic design and build has been made for that on the go feel while retaining style and fashion as a premium. The modern textures on the upper only further prove just how much Nike pays attention to detail.

As for colorways, the men’s Nike Air Safari has color choices that can’t even be counted on two hands alone. The latest ones that were released in August of 2018 included what they dub as the “Medium Olive” and the “Burgundy Crush.” Both colors are available on the official website of Nike along with two other colors, the “University Red” and the “Wolf Grey” Air Safari. With any of the choices, one can do no wrong really as it all comes down to properly mixing and matching.

Jeans, joggers, cuffed pants, these are some of the standards when opting to wear the Air Safari. But for those who are more adventurous can try these out with shorts, jumpers and rompers, and for women, even the right dress can do wonders. For uppers, go with hoodies and plain tees with either a bomber jacket or a windbreaker for an appealing look that is still bold yet subtly so.

With Nike offering these men’s Air Safari back on the market, the brand provides a taste of nostalgia for the old school Nike fans allowing new Nike fans to have the chance to appreciate the sneaker from the late 80s. It has that lovely safari print detailing evident on the upper, as well as an outsole made of rubber that has a modified pattern to it.

When it comes to history, it’s always nice to consult books on these matters or to hear a historian tell one in a lively way as he outlines how things came to be. But with sneakers, re-releases are the best way to truly understand the history of it and get into the spirit of it. For the Nike Air Safari, that’s precisely what it does.

Re-releases for this sneaker has been coming out continuously, and many have welcomed it. Initially, the Air Safari was released in 1987 by Nike, designed by the renowned Tinker Hatfield. It was a part of the “Air Pack” of 1987. The pack featured the Air Max 1, the Air Trainer 1, the Air Revolution, the Air Sock, and the Air Safari.

The sneaker has been described by Hatfield as being a slump-buster of a shoe of sorts. It came to life when Tinker and a number of other innovative designers wanted to experiment with their designs and the usage of different materials that were unique. The sneaker itself was inspired by a high-end furniture shop in the city of New York. Priced at tens of thousands of dollars, the couches and other furniture in this store were not cheap as it used a slew of premium materials. One particular couch caught Tinker’s attention though, a couch that used exotic ostrich skin. With a little more research, Tinker found out that this material was made available only for those who were part of the upper class. Inspired, he went ahead and incorporated this level of luxury into a pair of sneakers that resulted in the Nike Air Safari low tops.

The Nike Air Safari had a stylized adaptation of the ostrich skin Tinker saw at the furniture store, a shoe that was heavily designed to look aesthetically pleasing for a performance running shoe. This garnered some criticism from a few people as they felt that the focus was being shifted to design and look. Tinker was quick to explain that the Air Safari was also to be considered a casual sneaker aside from it being a running one, too; in other words, Tinker wanted the Air Safari to be more of a fashion shoe despite it being a highly superb performance shoe.

Since then, the Nike Air Safari low top has reached an almost cult-like status. Today, sneakerheads and Air Safari fans alike can enjoy a plethora of colorways, old and new, and new iterations of the sneaker.

  • The Nike Air Safari has a foam midsole that encapsulates the Nike Air cushioning for lightweight comfort.
  • It also has a durable rubber tread for good grip and excellent traction.
  • Rapper Biz Markie sported and endorsed the Nike Air Safari back in 1987.
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