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The Swoosh extends the legacy of its iconic Air Max tech by releasing a brand new silhouette. The Nike Air Max Zephyr flaunts a stylish modern aesthetic with visible superb craftsmanship. It boasts its bold Air units on the midsole and upper that amplifies its all-day comfort. If chunky kicks, breezy strides, and comfy steps are your cups of tea, this model might be for you.


  • Cozy the entire day
  • Breathable during hot days
  • Trendy design
  • Fun and bouncy ride
  • Dampens all the impact
  • Lockdown fit
  • Upper doesn't break-in


  • Not for wide feet
  • Pricey
  • Looks and feels heavy

Who should buy the Nike Air Max Zephyr

Take the Air Max Zephyr from Nike if you are looking for a: 

  • cushy, running-inspired kick that's suited for all-day activities
  • breezy and comfy shoe for summer 

Nike Air Max Zephyr brand

Who should NOT buy it

If you don't want to spend a huge sum of cash for a pair of Nike kicks, buy the Nike Air Max Motion 2 or the Nike Air Max SC instead. They're not only affordable; they also keep weight at an absolute minimum and pamper the feet. 

Nike Air Max Zephyr cushion

Nike Air Max Zephyr vs Nike Air Max 720

Although they look almost similar, these sneakers differ in quite a few elements. The Zephyr is the first-ever Air Max model that features Air pod units on the upper and tongue that enhance comfort and futuristic style.

Nike Air Max Zephyr air max

Also, it has a utilitarian appeal, thanks to the airy tactile mesh underlay for ventilation, thus giving it a bit of advantage over the 720.

A spa for the foot

The plush padded collar and bouncy cushioning make multiple buyers adore the Nike Air Max Zephyr for its "all-day" comfortable stride.

Nike Air Max Zephyr padded collar

Warm weather shouldn't worry you

Because of its mesh underlay, this shoe offers loads of ventilation. So much so, those who live in warmer areas state that they're perfect even for summer days.

Nike Air Max Zephyr breathability

The fit is spot-on! 

Breathability aside, the upper of the Nike Air Max Zephyr also delivers a secure wrap around the foot, sharing several sneaker fans with narrow to medium-width feet. 

It's neither too snug nor too loose; it's comfortable right off the bat. Even more, it doesn't need any adjustment period. 

Chic addition to your OOTD

Heaps of wearers love Zephyr's overall style. They commonly describe this as "unique," "eye-catching," and "fashion-forward."

Nike Air Max Zephyr lacing system

Don't worry about strained and beat-up feet

There 720 Air unit in the Nike AM Zephyr does a "great job" dampening the impact in every step. According to reviewers, their feet and legs don't feel fatigued even after several miles. 

Nike Air Max Zephyr flexibility

Not for wide feet

The toe box of the Nike Air Max Zephyr feels a bit cramped. For a few, its elevated heel somehow adds up to this issue.

Nike Air Max Zephyr toebox

Beefy look = beefy weight

Buyers criticize the Air pod units on the upper that contribute to its bulkier shape compared to the AM 720. It is considered heavier than most running sneakers.

Nike Air Max Zephyr cushioned midsole

Not exactly pocket-friendly

Nike sells this sneaker at an expensive price range. 

Nike Air Max Zephyr looks