Who should buy the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus

The AM Terrascape Plus blurs the divide between athletic sneakers and heavy-duty hikers. Buy it if:

  • Your adventurous spirit takes you to mildly rugged terrain often.
  • Kicks that feel quite solid and reassuring underfoot are what you're after.
  • You prefer a pair that's light and supportive at the same time.
  • You've been looking for sustainable shoes that stay grippy for months.
  • Shoes built with the finest components take priority on your must-have list.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus buy

Who should NOT buy it

If you need something roomier and less expensive than the Air Max Terrascape Plus, check out the wide variant of the New Balance 801. Also, you're better off wearing the Merrell Alpine Sneaker if your feet overheat easily.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus no

Escape in great comfort

Reviewers have nothing but praise for the high comfort level of the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus. A vlogger says that it's "super comfortable," while another professional tester describes the shoe as having "unbelievable comfort."

Non-professional reviewers also have great things to say about this kick comfort-wise. "The most comfortable Air Max's I own," says one of them. Another one says that wearing it is "like walking on clouds!

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus comfy

The mighty captivating Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus

Gear mavens are united about the poshness of this trail-ready Air Max sneaker. Their style-centric delight is reflected in the following remarks:

  • "It looks fantastic."
  • "So eye-catching."
  • "They’re fire."
  • "These are just stunning."
  • "Dope shoe."

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus styla

Applause-worthy grip in every step

The Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus is as tenacious as it is stylish, and a professional blogger agrees. Its speckled rubber outsole provides "great grip," says the same reviewer.

But that's not all. It's also been reported that this sticky component is quite hard-wearing. So, not only are you getting extra latching power wherever you go, but you'll also have this amazing tenacity for longer.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus grip

Incredible medial support

Besides superb surface traction, another excellent thing about the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus is its support system. Loosely dubbed as "whale tail," the featured sneaker's midfoot shank delivers remarkable arch support. Because of this, a vlogger considers this kick among the most supportive hiking-inspired sneakers on the market.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus support

Air Max Terrascape Plus equals restrictive

Footwear critics find the Air Max Terrascape Plus narrow overall. It's "extremely tight on feet," says an expert. He blames this issue on the shoe's short laces. He, however, proposes this workaround: don't use the top eyelets so that there's more shoestring length to work with.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus narrow

Not a heavy beast

There are those who are mesmerized by the AM Terrascape Plus' surprising lightness. Despite its rather burly silhouette and tank-like construction, this sporty sneaker isn't weighty at all, according to some folks.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus light

Shield-like on rough terrain

One of the featured shoe's impressive traits is its stoutness underfoot. A professional tester is floored by it, stating that the sole unit of the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus is quite impervious to the assaults of bumpy hazards, such as sharp rocks and twisty roots.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus sole

Crafted with high-grade materials

Longwearing and premium materials make up the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus. "Everywhere you touch, it feels quality," says an enthused sneaker pundit. Indeed, the shoe's textile-slash-synthetic upper gives off premium vibes, and that's despite its partly recycled sole unit completing the equation.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus mats

But this awesomeness breaks the bank

The saying that goes "great things come at a price" applies to the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus. In other words, it's not the cheapest kick you can get for yourself at the list price of $185 a pair. For perspective's sake, this shoe is $35 pricier than the average MSRP of hiking-inspired sneakers.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus price

Air Max Terrascape Plus: A win for the environment

The AM Terrascape Plus' springy sole unit, which includes the shoe's stock footbed, is speckled for a reason, and that's because it contains at least 20% recycled materials. For many, this is a welcome effort. "The recycled materials just make them that much cooler," says a non-professional reviewer.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus recycle

Sneakerheads with sweaty feet beware

When it comes to ventilation, the Air Max Terrascape Plus probably shouldn't be your go-to shoe. After all, it's the receiver of comments such as "tanked the breathability test" and "they offer zero breathability."

Facts / Specs

Style: Futuristic, Sporty
Top: Low
Inspired from: Hiking
Collection: Nike Air, Nike Air Max
Closure: Laces
Material: Mesh, Ripstop, Synthetic, Textile, Rubber Sole / Fabric
Technology: Air Cushion

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