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A shoe that pays respect to Nike's classics (think Pre-Air Max days), the Nike Air Max Pre-Day LX flaunts an upper with a heritage style. However, unlike other retro runners, this one shows off a futuristic midsole with an exposed Air unit taking its looks to new heights. And just like most Air Maxes, this shoe also gives a "walking-on-air-like" feeling all day long. To top it all off, it's eco-friendly.


  • Plush cushioning
  • Vintage-modern vibe
  • Clean style
  • Dope colorways
  • Goes with everything
  • Sustainable design


  • So-so arch support
  • Snug-fitting toe box
  • Slightly expensive

Who should buy the Nike Air Max Pre-Day LX

If you're a fan of Nike's heritage runners - the Nike Waffle sneakers in particular - then you'll definitely love the Nike Air Max Pre Day LX. Other than that, buy this shoe if:

  • You prefer kicks with squishy soles
  • You're in search of an everyday shoe that's easy to style (think casual to dressy outfits)
  • You want to help out the environment and supports Nike's Move To Zero campaign

Nike Air Max Pre-Day LX preday

Who should not buy the sneaker

You might want to look for another shoe if:

  • Budget is a concern. Check our selection of cheap Air Maxes for more options. 
  • You have flat feet or fallen arches. However, you can always swap the insoles with more supportive ones.

Nike Air Max Pre-Day LX nike

Air cushioning looks cool and feels good

Sneakerheads adore this running-inspired sneaker's exposed Air sole unit, which adds a modern twist to the shoe's retro design. It also gave the same pillowy-like comfort that Air Max shoes are known for. In fact, many said that it feels "super bouncy," "comfortable, and "responsive." 

Nike Air Max Pre-Day LX air

Eye-catching colorways

While the shoe looks clean, this one comes in colorways that are hard to miss. The color combinations are subtle yet eye-catching at the same time. Many enjoy wearing this sneaker because of all the stares and positive compliments they're getting. 

Nike Air Max Pre-Day LX color

And since this shoe often comes in neutral colors, styling this up is easy peasy. This shoe just blends effortlessly with an outfit - from your favorite sweatpants to your everyday denim, leggings, and shorts.

Tight compared to other Air Maxes

If you're used to wearing Air Max shoes, you might feel a bit underwhelmed when it comes to this shoe's fit. This one feels a bit narrow due to its tapered toebox, which draws its design from the legendary Waffle trainer. 

Nike Air Max Pre-Day LX toebox

So, if you think your pretty feet will need a bit more toe wiggle room, consider sizing up.

Easy slip-on

Slipping these shoes on is quick and easy, thanks to the added heel pull loops. It also adds a nice touch to the shoe's overall look. 

Nike Air Max Pre-Day LX loop

Barely-there arch support

Those who require supportive shoes may find these sneakers' insoles lacking in that department.

Nike Air Max Pre-Day LX arch

But, if you really like these shoes, you can always swap their stock insoles with something more supportive.

Designed with sustainability in mind

Nike has been actively turning product waste into something useful, and everyone loves it. This time around, we see the brand's efforts to lessen waste and carbon footprint through the Nike Air Max Pre-Day LX.

Nike Air Max Pre-Day LX eco

Compared to other sustainable sneakers like those found in the Nike Space Hippie collection, this one does not show any trace of recycled materials. Although made of 20% recycled materials, this shoe retains a clean look. 

A bit expensive but still worth it

The price tag may seem steep, but users attest that it's all worth it. Given the shoe's distinct style, solid construction, and super-duper cozy in-shoe feel, sneaker gals and guys are willing to pay $140 for these kicks.

Nike Air Max Pre-Day LX price

However, if you can't afford this model, you can always check out other Air Max models or Waffle sneakers. There are more than a handful of shoes in those collections that cost $100 or even less.