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Without a doubt, the Nike Air Max Genome reels the sneakerheads in for the right reasons. Its silhouette shouts the renowned Air Max genes—enjoyable not just on the eyes but also on the feet. Although it displays a fresh face, this kick impressively retains the comfort level the AM models are renowned for. In every lace-up, this sneaker turns any ordinary day into an Air Max Day.


  • Premium comfort
  • Good investment
  • Breathable
  • Sustainable
  • Snug fit
  • Durable


  • Somewhat heavy

Who should buy the Nike Air Max Genome

If you're magnetized by this remastered Air Max kick, then you must be:

  • Someone who loves the full-length design of Nike's Air-Sole unit (also seen on the Nike Air Max 2017).
  • Attracted to low-profile kicks, especially those that encourage spontaneous mobility.
  • A sneakerhead who advocates environment-friendly products.

Nike Air Max Genome buy

Who should NOT buy it

Are you looking for something quite light from the AM lineup? If so, skip the Air Max Genome and opt for the highly athletic Nike Air Max 270 instead.

Nike Air Max Genome no

Plushness for hours on end

Thanks to its full-length Air-Sole unit, the majority of the on-foot testers described their experience with the Nike Air Max Genome as all-day cozy strides. Reviewers compare its coziness to the Air Max 97s.

Nike Air Max Genome comf

Air Max Genome: A bang for your buck

Because of its premium craftsmanship that can last a long time, many buyers find this kick worth its priciness.

Nike Air Max Genome worth

Cozy but never tight

It hugs the foot almost perfectly. Even wearers with wide feet attested to this.

Nike Air Max Genome snug

No sweaty feet in the Air Max Genome

It is engineered with lightweight mesh, which keeps sneakerheads' feet feeling fresh and dry, even on summer days.

Nike Air Max Genome breathe

A tad weighty

Some reviewers find this a bit clunky for a lifestyle sneaker.

Nike Air Max Genome weight

The Air Max Genome's longevity

The Air Max Genome is a nice pair to bank on for its long-lasting construction.

Nike Air Max Genome durable 

Giving back to nature

Another entry to Nike's Move to Zero campaign, the Air Max Genome is built with eco-friendly materials. Reviewers are quite impressed with the shoe in this regard.

Nike Air Max Genome sustain

Nike Air Max Genome: Air Max for the new generation

Nike Air Max Genome's no-sew techie upper is made of breathable mesh overlaid with plastic, a feature credited for the sneaker's structure and added durability. Seen on the midfoot is a design reminiscent of the running footwear Nike Air Max 2015, which adds strikingly edgy “face-paced” features and unrivaled support.

Nike Air Max Genome feature