Who should buy the Nike Air Max Bella TR 4

The Air Max Bella TR 4 is a simple, basic training shoe that packs all of the essential elements without breaking the bank. Consider it if you want:

  • a stylish shoe with Nike’s branded Max Air technology for a fashion statement
  • a gym shoe that can double for casual wear
  • a budget-friendly training shoe (under $100)

You might as well check out the Nike In-Season TR 9. It shares similar characteristics with the Air Max Bella TR but offers them under a different visual design.

Nike Air Max Bella TR 4 best use

Who should NOT buy the trainer

This is not the type of footwear that will get through the harsh demands of a Crossfit session or a workout that involves a lot of weightlifting. For that purpose, you are better off with the brand’s flagship Nike Metcon 7.

And if you are a fan of high-intensity training with lots of jumping, check out the brand’s dedicated HIIT shoes like Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge or the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep.

Nike Air Max Bella TR 4 vs. TR 3

There have been very minor changes to the new iteration of the Air Max Bella. They include the following:

  • Lower tongue design for improved comfort
  • Midsole has a more modern flair

However, the long-term fans of the series complain that the TR 4 is more difficult to put on and take off.

An efficient Nike trainer for moderate workouts

The ladies are happy with the level of cushioning offered by the Air Max Bella TR 4. They say that there is just enough bounce for cardio and aerobic activities.

Nike Air Max Bella TR 4 max air unit

At the same time, the heel area creates a stable base with a supportive Max Air unit. It helps to keep ankles and knees steady during squats and other weight training exercises.

Lots of comfort for casual use

For many reviewers, this Nike trainer has become the go-to shoe for running errands and daily wear. Some mention that they “could wear it all day.”

Great value for money

With its below-average price of $80, many find the Nike Air Max Bella a bargain. For reference, the average price of Nike training shoes hovers around $100.

Nike Air Max Bella TR 4 outsole

Sleek and classy Air Max Bella

“Looks good with almost anything,” “gets you plenty of compliments” - these are some of the sentiments that ladies share regarding this Nike trainer.

Many have become fans of the clean, feminine design of the Bella. It also comes in soft, classy colorways that can match even the dressier outfits.

Secure fit across the foot

The Nike Air Max Bella TR 4 fits well straight from the box. No need for a break-in period has been reported by the wearers.

Some especially highlight the side support created by the laces integrated with the side panels.

Nike Air Max Bella TR 4 fit

On-and-off is a bit of a struggle

There have been a few complaints about the shoe’s opening. Because the tongue is attached to the upper, it is limiting the shoe's stretch and, in turn, makes putting it on a bit challenging for those with wider feet.

Laces are a miss

The shoestrings have received lots of criticism from the reviewers: “flat," "slippery," "short," "thin," "don’t stay tied," "seem like they’ll snap off when you tighten them," etc.

Nike Air Max Bella TR 4 laces

So, most likely you would want to get a replacement pair from the start.

Nike Air Max Bella TR 4 feels light on the foot

All reviewers agree that this Nike trainer feels pretty light and natural on the foot, causing no foot dragging.

Nike Air Max Bella TR 4 lightweight

Fresh and airy in-shoe feel

Those who use the Bella TR 4 to exercise in warmer climates and indoor conditions report that it never got toasty.

Nike Air Max Bella TR 4 mesh

Facts / Specs

Update: Nike Air Max Bella TR 5
Use: HIIT, Workout, Crossfit / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Features: Slip On
Collection: Nike Air, Nike Air Max
BRAND Brand: Nike
Toebox: Medium

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