Who should buy the Nike Air Max 2016

Purchase the Nike Air Max 2016 if: 

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Who should NOT buy it

You can write off the Air Max 2016 if you want to run with speed. You can look through these tempo running shoes instead. 

Nike Air Max 2016 toe box

And if you're an overpronator (feet roll outward), you can buy these stability shoes instead. 

Doesn't tip the scale

At 13.2 oz (US M 9), the Nike Air Max 2016 is on the heavy side. However, almost all testers claim that it's the exact opposite on the run. 

Nike Air Max 2016 heel collar

The Nike Air Max 2016 defines comfort

Even after clocking up long miles in this shoe, experts report that it's so cushy; their feet and legs "don't feel beat-up."

Nike Air Max 2016 nike air zoom tech

What's more is the Nike Air Zoom units eat up impact so well. 

An upper that cuddles the foot

The shoe's upper is so "soft," and "non-irritating," testers love it so much. 

Nike Air Max 2016 upper

Form-fitting wrap

From the heel to the midfoot, the Nike Air Max 2016 has a supportive fit. And in the forefoot, it has enough room for the foot to swell. 

Nike Air Max 2016 fit

It fits just right, many state that their feet have acclimated well. They didn't have to go through an adjustment period. 

Quality that justifies the price

In contrast to its predecessors, die-hard fans of the Nike Air Max agree that it has "far better" qualities, features, and performance. They don't mind paying premium. 

Nike Air Max 2016 grip

Pep in every step

"Bouncy," "responsive," and "springy." - This is how road runners find the Nike Air Max 2016.

Nike Air Max 2016 nike air running shoes

Thanks to the Air Zoom tech equipped to the Nike Air Max 2016, you can feel a fun and lively ride. 

Smooth and easy

Reviewers say that with the responsive midsole, the heel-to-toe transitions become smooth and effortless.

The Nike Air Max 2016 is so beefed-up; it's ugly

It's "awkwardly bulky," remarked multiple critics. It may have attractive colorways, but its chunky exterior does NOT make it "visually endearing."

Nike Air Max 2016 style

Caution: The Air Zoom pods pop

After only a couple of uses and miles, many encounter the same problem. And because the Air Zoom units are the heart of the shoe; runners say it's "practically unusable."

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 13.3oz / Women 11.4oz
Drop: 13mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: Nike Air Max 2017
Forefoot height: 22mm
Heel height: 34mm

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