Who should buy Nike Air Jordan 1 Low G

The Air Jordan 1 Low G is a must-have if you:

Who should NOT buy Nike Air Jordan 1 Low G

The Nike Air Jordan 1 Low G might feel loose for those who have narrow feet. The Nike Victory G Lite might fit better, so check it out.

The Nike Roshe G is an excellent alternative for those who like to walk all the way to the 18th hole since this is designed with a time-tested cushioning system that provides long-lasting comfort.

The AJ 1 Low G has high swag levels

The golf version of the ever-popular Jordan 1 looks great on the course, just as it does on the street. Its aesthetic definitely catches attention, with some saying that they were “more drawn to the looks than anything.”

In this remake, the style has not been compromised for its function. The AJ 1 Low G proves that golfers can keep on “walking around the greens with swagger.” 

For the most part, its timeless aesthetic and colorways received plenty of admiration, and it is said that its style is “a change from traditional golf shoes.”

Not the most comfortable golf shoe

While those who have golfed 2 rounds said that the Nike Air Jordan 1 Low G is very comfortable, this is not the best choice for walking 9 or 18 holes because it doesn’t have the best cushioning. Achy feet can be expected for golfers who walk throughout the 18 holes. 

If you are playing for a long time, an expert said that “you’ll be fine if using a cart.”

The traction of the Jordan 1 Low G is awesome

The original version of the Air Jordan 1 Low G has "the best traction pattern ever,” so it is no longer a surprise that the golf iteration will also provide the same level of grip and show “no issues grabbing the turf.”

Due to its grippy outsole, you will not have to worry even when you swing your club vigorously because an expert attested that this golf shoe “refused to slip or slide.”

This spikeless golf shoe can keep you steady

Despite being spikeless, the Nike Air Jordan 1 Low G will not cause golfers to go out of balance no matter the terrain. “Great grip” and “loads of grip” are some of the most common comments of the users.

Wear-resistant leather golf shoe from Nike

An expert praised this Nike Air Jordan 1 G shoe because of how resistant the toe box was to creasing. This proves that the material used on this Nike golf shoe “screams premium.”

Sunny or rainy, the AJ 1 Low G will function well

The Nike Air Jordan 1 Low G is “great for all weather conditions.” Its upper, which is made of leather, has proved breathable, making it summer-friendly. On the other hand, this golf shoe can be used even on wet days with its one-year waterproof warranty.

Facts / Specs

Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Leather Upper
Closure: Laces
Collection: Nike Air
BRAND Brand: Nike
Colorways: Purple / White

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