Our verdict

Nike has put a nice design into Air Force 270. I don't think it's a running or a training shoe but a lifestyle shoe. It has the looks of a basketball shoe but it feels like a running or training shoe. I use it for special occasions but not for strolling in the mall and driving. If you plan to use the Air Force 270 for traveling, be ready to remove them during inspections because it will take some time.


  • True to size
  • Very comfy
  • Nice fit
  • Breathable
  • Nice design


  • Heavy
  • Tight collar

Audience verdict


Nike Air Force 270 review

In case you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable shoe, the Air Force 270 is perfect for you. It runs true to size, so feel free to order it online.

Let’s start with my favorite part of this shoe - the Air bubble. It's big and comfortable that you can feel the bounce when you walk, like stepping on a marshmallow. It has a translucent effect, and the air bubbles run until the midsection of your feet. 

For someone like me who has multiple injuries in my knee, it is surprising that a pair of shoe can fundamentally address the joint pains I feel when walking and going up and down the stairs.

Breathable and snug fit

The materials they used for the upper part of this shoe is TPU, Plastic, Leather, Nylon, and Neoprene. 

The Leather from the toe part of the shoe gives you a snug fit compared to the Flyknit and Mesh materials. The leather has air holes to help your toes breathe.   

The strap is made of nylon. It is adjustable and so easy to remove and to click back on. Thanks to the magnets in the hard-plastic clips.

It is adjustable in case you’re uncomfortable with the fit, the laces and leather on your feet. It also has leather patches on both sides. 

Because of the Nike Huaraches I own, I have become a neoprene shoe lover.

I’m happy that this shoe has neoprene on the mid, upper part, the tongue, around the ankle, and the outside part of the heel. It has a sock lock like effect except the tongue is separated. 

To give your feet additional support, TPU materials hugs the neoprene surrounding your ankle. Also, the inner heel part added another feature which is the soft leather. 

Let’s talk about the details that make this an amazing shoe. One of which is the five swooshes spread around the shoe. The intricate stitches are superior. I love the embossed TPU and the pull tab at the back.

The Nike Air Force 270 is heavy

I admire this shoe, but like any other shoes, it’s not perfect. These are the my least favorite part of the Air Force 270.

This shoe is heavy with all the materials put together. There's no doubt that it adds beauty, but at the same time, it adds weight to the shoe. It weighs like a basketball shoe or maybe heavier.

Also, remember that it has air bubbles from heel up to the midsection. The white rubber material completes the outer sole and its thick, heavy and not that flexible. I think it's huge to match the chunkiness of the air bubbles which is 1.5 inch.

The Air Force 270 has a tight collar

The collar is too tight mainly because of the two materials hugging your ankle. The accent or embossed section just behind the ankle bone rubs my skin and gives me discomfort when I drive or when walking. I think you can wear thicker socks but remember it’s a bulky design and has a snug fit already.