Size and fit

Commonly crafted with leather, this shoe ensures to provide ample support and stability. Its narrow construction, however, would only supply minimal toe room. In spite of having a leather upper, it still manages to offer adequate ventilation as the shoe and tongue are lined with breathable mesh. The Nike Air Force 1 Mid is available in both men’s and women’s sizing.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Style

Although the high-tops are the most coveted among all three Air Force 1’s, the mids definitely has something to boast. Similar to its siblings, this shoe is also an eye-catcher. Men can easily pair this Nike Air Force 1 Mid men’s sneaker with jeans, shorts, and joggers while women would look great when they match this shoe with their favorite t-shirt dresses and leggings.

The Nike Air Force 1 Mid is available in multiple colorways. Despite the multitude of color schemes offered, the all white and all black remain the crowd favorite and are considered as a wardrobe essential until the collaborations and hypebeast colorways come into the equation, of course.

The bulky facade of the Nike Air Force 1 Mid proved relevant in the years of vintage footwear revival. Experimenting from a straight cut, free-flowing trousers to foot-clamping skinny jeans is the concurrent trend for fashion. Chunkiness was now a part of the aesthetics, and the “Golf Club Effect” dominates the apparel market deeming the AF1’s worthy of sporting.

Notable Features

These kicks' mid-top profile is very noticeable from afar. Simple and clean, the AF1 Mid’s silhouette is enhanced with the addition of the Velcro-strap that is connected to the shoe. This also improves the shoe’s fit. Snugging aside, heel-part overlays further distinguish the Mids from the Highs as the former display a meandering heel overlay while the last hugs most of the Swoosh.

The Nike Air Force 1 Mid is also famous for its full-length Phylon midsole. Encapsulated on the heel is an Air-sole unit that offers responsive cushioning and improved shock absorption. To top it off, the shoe’s solid, non-marking rubber outsole features pivot points in the forefoot and heel. This enhances the shoe’s durability as well as multi-directional traction.

  Nike Air Force 1 Mid vs. AF 1 07 Mid

Even at a magnified look, these two silhouettes can barely show a scrutinizing fellow the significant difference of the OG AF 1’s and the 07 editions. In history, the Air Force 1 was revamped for its 25th anniversary in 2007 thus introducing a newer construction that displays an almost similar shoe. But comparing the past and present accents, one can discover that the OG model contains an ‘82 emblem on its deubre while the 2007 releases, or other subsequent follow-ups, only show the AF-1 imprint.

The said deubre, or bottom lace accessory for those uninformed, was more rounded in the early iterations of the AF 1. Recently, along with other collaborations, the deubre sports a rectangular figure most of the time. Some are even customized depending on the logo of their collaborator or what the special occasion was.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid History

Groundbreaking, timeless and bold, the Nike Air Force 1’s vintage look appeals to many, sneaker enthusiasts and basketball fanatics included. Launched in the year 1982, this high-top hoop shoe, which was named after the presidential aircraft of the US, was the first to feature the revolutionary Nike Air Technology.

The success of this shoe was evident since its initial wear test. Tinker Hatfield, then corporate architect now famous shoe designer, was among the first few who wore and tested the shoe. Amazed with its performance, this experience triggered his passion for shoe design and instigated a career change.

In order to introduce this product to the general public, 6 NBA players wore the shoe on the hardwood. Dubbed as the “Original Six,” Moses Malone, Bobby Jones, Michael Cooper, Calvin Natt, Jamal Wilkes, and Mychal Thompson proved that this shoe does not only look good, it also plays hard on the court.

Despite being a hit among NBA players, as well as sneakerheads, the Swoosh brand decided to discontinue the production of this well-loved sneaker in 1984. Demand, however, remained high and fans were incessant on seeing this shoe back on the shelves. Although "retro-ing" was unheard of during those days, this product just had to be re-released, and it did, two years after.

Since its inception, the shoe has been revamped and reinvented. Initially, it came with a high-top Air Force 1 profile. Soon after, a low-rise AF1 version debuted. The mid-cut rendition, however, was introduced almost a decade after the AF1’s first launch specifically in 1994.

To date, the renowned Air Force 1 can be seen in almost 2000 versions. In spite of its many transformations, it is fitting to see that little has changed from the shoe's original silhouette. Its popularity also remains without the need for expensive marketing campaigns.

  Air Force 1 Mid colorways

Though there is little difference between the OG release and the current, the Air Force 1 Mid’s structure stayed true to what it delivers. To some extent, the 1994 release was somehow ridiculed by several uncontented patrons, but the high-soaring mid version proved its point after almost two decades later. Being consistently overshadowed by the high tops and the lows, the sneaker crept its way to stardom when the years approached the dad shoe era, which, by the way, was a title the Air Force 1 was coined for a particular time.

Of course, the most widespread use of a colorway was the white on whites which was pretty much the hue of the earlier releases. Then again, the prevalence of its other two brothers, the low and high cuts, pushed the diversification of the mid-top aback. But that didn’t stop this forward-thinking Nike Air Force 1 Mid-top.

Gradually punching it exclusively, the unloved mid-cut sneaker was introduced in a booming colorway which stunned some unexpected fans in the spring of 1997. The Nike Air Force 1 Mid “NYC” edition was the very first Air Force shoe to emblazon the NYC logo. It also contained the Jewel moniker thanks to the shiny, smaller Swoosh it showcases. The initial unveiling featured a Syracuse color scheme with matching Midnight Navy uppers and white midsole plus laces.

The same design cue was revamped the following year exhibited by the Nike Air Force 1 Mid White/Metallic Midnight Navy as still part of the NYC “City Pack.” Before that, a Nike Air Force 1 Mid in Black/University Blue with a jewel Swoosh was introduced in 1997 succeeding the earlier Navy release. Speaking of these quintessential blue tints the OG 1997 AF1 Mid NYC was retroed 15 years after in October 2012 displaying the same accents as its predecessor.

The Nike Air Force 1 Mid in blue tones, enjoyed the limelight for a brief period in 1998 as it was featured in the Carolina Suede pack. The Carolinas first flourished in the eighties courtesy of the Baltimore grown sneaker boutiques that were die-hard fans of the Highs. This time in 1998 the coveted pigment splashed around all other forms of the AF franchise including the Lows. Probably the only way to cop these bad boys are from reseller platforms online.

The early 2000s witnessed an autumn-ready version of the Nike Air Force 1 Mids called the Wheat iteration. This particular light brown colorway addresses the burgeoning depravity for cold-winter wear resembling those on the Timberland line-up. This distinctive version of the Mids became popular among winter apparel and has earned its rightful place for a revamp in 2014. The 2014 release was followed by another similar-looking ensemble a couple of years later entitled the Nike Air Force 1 Mid Flax.

A moss-colored version soon surfaced in the likes of the Nike Air Force 1 Mid Olive Green. This mid-top is not to be mistaken with the Legion colorway of the AF 1 Mid 07’s. The classic Mids are infamously known to sport a black Nike Swoosh while the 07 version covers its Check in tonal hues.

Inspired by the Air Jordan XI’s Cool Grey tone, the Nike Air Force 1 Mid injects the grey detailing in the AF franchise. Covering the perforated leather uppers is a gray pigment with complementing white accents, on the Nike Swoosh mark and the midsole. The sneaker was initially released in 2011, but as of now, prevalent releases are in the 07 version.

Nice to know

  • A version dubbed as the men’s Nike Air Force 1 Mid ‘07 is also available. Unlike other AF1 mids, this rendition features a rectangular lace medallion, also known as “Deubrè,” with the AF1 inscription.
  • The famous “Swoosh” logo can be found on the shoe’s lateral and medial side as well as on the strap and the forefront, just below the lacing system.
  • The sought-out iteration of the Nike Air Force 1 Mid in red colorway is always misinterpreted because truly it belongs to the 07 editions.


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