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Owning the Nike Air Force 1 Crater is like enjoying the best of both worlds. You get to flaunt one of the most iconic silhouettes and, at the same time, save Mother Earth. Even though this sneaker is made with recycled materials, it is still considered quite durable, super comfy, and exceptionally stylish. Another highlight is its incredible lightness, which is a great plus for fleet-footed sneaker fans.


  • Mighty cozy
  • Lighter than most AF1 models
  • Exceptional eco-friendly craftsmanship
  • Fashionable
  • The most unique AF1 variant
  • Durable
  • Crease-proof forefoot section


  • Somewhat tight toebox
  • A challenge to clean

Who should buy the Nike Air Force Crater

A part of Nike's "Move to Zero" mission, the Nike Air Force 1 Crater is a reimagining that blends trendiness with sustainability. Add it to your shopping list if:

  • You're a fan of both speckled kicks and Nike's Air Force 1 lineup.
  • You prefer eco-friendly shoes that stay crease-free for longer.
  • Lightweight-yet-tough Nike sneakers are what you collect.
  • You like using sneakers to engage onlookers in a small conversation.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater buy

Who should NOT buy it

Look past the AF1 Crater and snag the Nike Air Force 1 07 instead if you want something roomier at the forefoot. And if you want a pair that's easier to clean, set your sights on the Nike Air Force 1 Luxe.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater no

For go-green advocates

Based on numerous reports, the materials making up the entirety of the AF1 Crater are one part sustainable and one part premium-grade.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater eco

Air Force 1 Crater equals through-the-roof comfort level

The Nike Air Force 1 Crater is incredibly comfortable, according to numerous reviewers.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater comf

Feather-like steps in the Nike AF1 Crater

Unlike the other Nike AF1 models, this kick feels amazingly light, many buyers say.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater lighter

Might give your stout toes a hard time

There are those who are not quite amused by the shoe's slightly narrow toe box.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater tight

Has that look-at-me aesthetics

Most buyers love that this sustainable version of the Nike Air Force 1 has a trendy and versatile appeal.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater treny

Keeps crow's feet at bay

Verified purchasers say that Air Force 1 Crater's upper doesn't crease or get wrinkly easily.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater crease

Nike Air Force 1 Crater: Incredibly tough

Wearers say that the Nike AF1 Crater is a long-lasting sneaker.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater tough

Does its own thing style-wise

This sneaker from Nike displays a one-off style, scores of sneakerheads say.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater unique

Not very low-maintenance

A female tester finds its upper, especially the fabric parts, difficult to clean.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater dirty

Nike Air Force 1 Crater: Marrying style with sustainability

Nike is taking sustainability a little more seriously by releasing a series of iterations using recycled materials. Part of this particular roster is the Air Force 1 Crater. Its eco-friendly aspects are detailed below:

  • The toe box has a translucent fabric that partially reveals the scrap materials underneath, giving the shoe a recycled yet classy look. 
  • It displays stitched webbing accents and a woven tongue, which enhance the AF1 Crater's upcycled vibe.
  • It comes with Nike's speckled Crater midsole, which is composed of 11% Nike Grind rubber and foam. This component is as bouncy as it is sustainable. 
  • The shoe's uniquely speckled outsole is made with 15% Nike Grind rubber morsel.