Our verdict

The Nike Adapt BB does not only impress me aesthetically. I love how the outsoles light up!! The shoe definitely stands out, performance-wise. If you are a sneakerhead with a love for tech advancements, this shoe is a must for a solid performer on the court.


  • True to size
  • Nice fit
  • Supportive
  • Great traction
  • Amazing lace engine
  • Looks great
  • Comfortable


  • Little wobble
  • Narrow

Audience verdict


Nike Adapt BB review

I got the Nike Adapt BB on the first day of its release here in the Philippines. I instantly fell in love with it—from its box, charging mechanism, technology, colorways, and material.

Amazing upper of the Adapt BB

It’s amazing! The quad fit mesh underneath and the high tension ballistic mesh on top are awesome. I have never thought we would transition from leather to mesh with better support.

The reflective silver swoosh is a winner, with another small swoosh under it. The four circles on the heel are well incorporated with the swoosh. The details on the tongue are also well done.

Soft, lightweight cushioning

Its cushioning is made of soft, plush material, which is lightweight and very responsive. The heel support is just right and properly placed.

Meanwhile, the midsole design, composed of little holes, adds a very distinctive aesthetics.

Most importantly, the “brain” is a big WOW!! I am floored with it. The two buttons with interchangeable colors are top-notch!

Great outsole design

The outsole has a great design—simple but working. It is easy to pair with any basketball uniform. I loved the clear icy blue colorway on its sole.

Although, it kinda picks up a lot of dust, cleaning after a day of use would do. Streamlined tractions are perfect for movements. The soft sole gives more cushion and court feel.

Nike Adapt BB has amazing details overall

Lace engine

Fast and advanced, Adapt BB’s lacing technology can go beyond the 100% of lacing. It gives you the freedom to customize your fit.

Its responsive Android and IOS apps make it easy to use. The app is also easy to install and regularly updates.

The lace engine really helps in shaping the shoe for your foot. As it secures your foot to the shoe, the lace feels like it is wrapping all around your foot.

Interchangeable colors make it more attractive. How I wish the light stays on, but I think it automatically turns off to save battery life span.

Charging system

The charging pad is easy to use. All you need to do is just put the shoes on top. I also love the charging pad’s colorway and matte finish. It is also easy to install and store.

Re-charging the shoes only takes 4 hours to fully charge. The battery can last up to 14 days on one full charge, with the shoes being used daily.

Performance of the Nike Adapt BB

I have played one season, a total of 14 games, with this shoe. And in six pre-season games, even if take out the lace engine, it is still one of the best performance basketball shoes I have used.

It is definitely a head-turner on the court. People often asked me to show them how it works. The sound of the lace engine was a rockstar.

Everybody I played against with wanted to hear it. 

I had lots of fun playing in this shoe.

Screams when you move

The pivot circle lines on the shoes are perfectly positioned, making great court feel. It screams loud when you move, so it’s amazing on clean courts. However, it needs a little wiping on dusty courts.

Like the Jordan 3, the Adapt is almost no break-in feel. You can play with it right out of the box and is beasty on court movements.

I have never worn a translucent sole this sticky on court. It is super responsive from the get-go.

It is super bouncy

Nike Adapt BB is super bouncy and creates great compression on the heel. It has a full length cushioning, which makes it an added factor. It’s like having pillows underneath your foot.


Adapt BB has amazing support although it has a little wobble on lateral movements. Regardless, this can be solved by adjusting the lace engine.

The internal heel counter works with the external heel clip. This shoe has great overall lockdown with no heel slippage for a lockdown feel.

Fit: It’s insane!

The fit is fully adjustable and can be tightened more than 100%. Full customization on the app is on point. Your prefered lace settings can be saved for future use.

Before, it has three modes; Now, it has five. The 50% tightness is already good for a ball game. Your feet won’t get too tired, thus making it a very comfortable basketball shoe.

It is waterproof

I have used the pair under the rain, and it’s ok. It can be worn for travel purposes and out of the country trips.

The rubber is soft, so I think it won’t last that long for outdoor basketball games on cement floors. Believe it or not, the Adapt BB is also great for scooter riding.

Sizing and width

It is true to size. It is a little narrow. Regardless, I have wide feet, but it was still okay.

General opinion

For $350, it is a little pricey. However, it’s more advanced than the first HyperAdapt 1.0, yet it’s half the price.

The app is stable. I really love the color-changing buttons, and even my art students always want to try changing it. It’s the closest to the Nike mag shoe designed by Tinker Hatfield.

It is a great step to future of adaptability, and it’s great for people with disabilities. Thus, it can be used beyond basketball.

The lace engine is a big step towards great things, and the sound will turn heads. It has easy to clean sole. I would love to have all the colorways.