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With its power lacing mechanism, this sneaker, which is part of our futuristic shoe lineup, delivers a secure fit in just a few in-app swipes. As a member of the Air Max family, it comes with the time-tested air bubble for underfoot comfort. If you’re crazy for space-aged kicks, snag this bad boy and satiate the tech-savvy in you.


  • Convenient and high-tech closure
  • Futuristic
  • Worthy investment
  • Breathable
  • Secure fit
  • Impact-absorbing
  • Neat craftsmanship


  • Thick sole unit
  • Charging hassle

Who should buy the Nike Adapt Auto Max

Backed by an adaptive lacing feature, this Nike smart shoe embraces the foot without having to tie any laces. It's the perfect shoe for you if:

  • You've always been fascinated by Marty McFly's futuristic self-lacing pair of kicks.
  • You need extra shock absorption in your, at times, haphazard step.
  • Summer sneakers of the tech fashion kind are your thing.

Nike Adapt Auto Max buy1

Who should not buy it

If you're not really into chunky shoes, skip the Adapt Auto Max and don the slimmer-underfoot Nike Adapt BB instead. Also, if you like the featured shoe's silhouette but aren't a big fan of the Adapt tech, try the Air Max ZM950.

Nike Adapt Auto Max buya

Nike Adapt tech in the Adapt Auto Max

This cutting-edge kick is powered by the Nike Adapt, an electronic lacing system that loosens and tightens to the foot’s shape. Through the Nike Adapt smartphone app, you can customize the shoe's fit on the fly, as well as check the battery levels and create Siri or Google Voice commands.

Nike Adapt Auto Max adapt1

One with the wind

Shoppers in droves say that this phenomenal shoe from Nike has superb ventilation.

Nike Adapt Auto Max vent1

The Adapt Auto Max's intimate confines

Numerous purchasers say that this shoe locks the foot securely without feeling too tight.

Nike Adapt Auto Max fit

Leveled-up shock absorbency

To a considerable number of wearers, the shoe's Air Max cushioning offers a bouncy and safe ride.

Nike Adapt Auto Max shock2

Intimidating underfoot

Some buyers would have loved it more if the base was thinner and didn’t resemble platform shoes.  

Nike Adapt Auto Max thick

No charging thru solar

A few reviewers find charging it inconvenient since they have to plug it in to recharge the shoe.

Nike Adapt Auto Max charge2

Craftsmanship fit for royalty

The Adapt Auto Max and its components are constructed with refinement in mind. Because of this, many consider said shoe as one of Nike's smart shoes that’s well worth the price.

Nike Adapt Auto Max craft

Adapt Auto Max side-by-side with other Nike smart shoes

Nike Air Mag is the first rechargeable sneaker by Nike that replicated the auto-lacing, high-top shoe used in the Back to the Future II movie. Unlike the more fashion-forward Adapt Auto Max that seems like a cross between a dad shoe and a platform kick, the Air Mag resembles outer space boots, making them tricky to style up. 

Nike Adapt BB belongs to basketball. The Adapt app powers both the Hyperadapt 1.0 and this power-laced hoop shoe. But the noticeable difference, apart from style, is the performance aspect of the latter model.

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