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6 reasons to buy

  • Comfort level: Vloggers claim that the Nike ACG Deschutz hiking sandal is mighty plush.
  • Sticking prowess: Someone who tests sandals for a living finds this hiker incredibly grippy.
  • Looks: The ACG Deschutz is a winner in the aesthetics department, according to several owners.
  • Longevity: Based on some reports, this gear is built to last.
  • Weight: To a professional critic, this Nike sandal—a.k.a. the ACG Air Deschutz—is pretty light.
  • Price tag: About a handful of hiking aficionados are quite satisfied with its affordability.

1 reason not to buy

  • Break-in phase: The ACG Deschutz requires some time to loosen up completely, says an experienced hiker.

Bottom line

To don the ACG Deschutz is to be empowered on the trail with lightness and a kind of performance that rivals that of a pair of hiking shoes. Having this on also translates to making the most out of your hikes over wet terrain, thanks to its quick-drying upper. Yes, your hikes will be redefined once you got this all strapped up!

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Nike ACG Deschutz: A classic reborn

First introduced in the early ‘90s, the Nike ACG Deschutz makes a triumphant return. At first glance, the latest version looks strikingly similar to its former self. That said, it comes with very noticeable upgrades. Here are some of them:

  • It has more upper coverage around the toe section.
  • Its ankle strap now comes with soft padding.
  • The edges of its footbed are now raised, especially at the heel.
  • The ACG Deschutz’s outsole has more horizontal ridges at the forefoot, giving trail busters improved hiking security, particularly on ascents.

What the ACG Deschutz brings to the hiker’s table

Just like most hiking sandals, the ACG Deschutz provides freer mobility, whether on or off the trail. That said, this offering sets itself from the crowd with the following:

  • Since it is made with hydrophobic materials, the ACG Deschutz will not weigh you down through shallow waters.
  • Its highly textured footbed and raised heel border prevent underfoot slippage.
  • The sandal’s outsole has been tested in a variety of conditions, giving you reliable surface traction come rain or shine.
  • Thanks to its forefoot flexibility and toe rocker, you can walk on level terrain and concrete surfaces with ease.


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