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5 reasons to buy

  • The MV3 is super lightweight and very responsive as noted in some reviews.
  • The updated version of the MV featured an ultra-light mesh upper that is highly breathable and quickly-drying.
  • It has a wider toe box with TPU toe cap for comfortable protection.
  • It features a water drainage system to drain water quickly.
  • Most runners noticed the shoe’s filled toe area and widened midfoot for added stability.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The outsole is not as durable as expected, wears out quickly according to some testers.
  • Some testers felt that there is a little support in the heel.

Bottom line

The Newton MV3 is a lightweight performance shoe with a zero-drop profile. It is great for runners who are looking for speed during races and short distance runs. This shoe is engineered to give quick turnovers and an impressive performance.

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Good to know

  • The Newton MV 3 is a racing shoe that has a zero drop platform and a minimalist design. It’s sure to let runners experience a more efficient and natural stride because of its lightweight nature and responsive components.
  • The upper unit uses materials that ensure a well-ventilated and well-supported foot coverage. The main fabric of the upper is quick-drying, so it keeps weight-bearing and bacteria-causing moisture at bay. It’s also stretchable, making it accommodate the foot well without feeling too snug.
  • The mid-sole unit utilizes technologies that give shock absorption, energy release, responsive cushioning and efficient toe-offs. It doesn’t restrict the natural movement of the foot, thus making it a very pliable platform for cushioning and an effective foam that leads to an easier pace through the gait cycle.
  • The outsole rubber is long-lasting and it offers protection for the entire sole unit when it comes against abrasion and wear. It’s also capable of delivering traction over the roads so turns, swerves and breaks are more precise & controlled.

The Newton MV 3 is true to its size. It follows the standard sizing scheme to which runners are acclimated. The semi-curved shape of this shoe was tuned to the natural shape of the human foot, making it easy to wear it. The low-cut design also adheres medium to narrow fit as it simulates a minimalist, low-profile running experience.

A High Density Rubber is used for the outsole unit. It delivers durability and long lasting protection from the wear and tear. The rest of the sole unit is preserved and specifically shielded from exposure to the abrasive nature of the asphalt.

The textured outsole design follows the shape of the foot pad. It also functions like the foot as it offers flexibility in the forefoot area. Rubber is placed in specific areas of the forefoot and rear to give traction where it is actually most needed.

The High Rebound EVA is a mid-sole foam that’s durable and responsive. It doesn’t break down or lose structure easily, giving a consistent platform that lasts. It’s also a bit bouncy, so it gives the runner some lift when pushing the foot to take the next step, while handling the impact well during landings.

The Met-flex grooves deliver flexibility to the forefoot. This design allows each toe-off to be more efficient because the metatarsals can flex more naturally & push off with ease.

The Second Generation of the Action/Reaction Technology is used in the mid-foot section. This unit compresses during landings to collect the impact energy, then spring back to its original shape to give the energy to the runner during liftoff.

The upper Open Mesh material is a net-like material that’s soft and breathable. It wraps the foot comfortably while keeping it dry and cool at all times with its quick-drying nature. The seamless construction prevents irritation and encourages natural movement.

The overlay system was placed anatomically to secure the foot well and not let it slip or get wobbly while inside the shoe. It prevents accidental slips or shoe removals, as well.

The Slip-Proof Laces were designed to not get easily unraveled during activity. The double-eyelet system was placed to secure the heel even more when needed as looping the laces through the second eyelet pulls the heel section of the shoe closer to the foot.

The ETC Sock Liner is an additional layer of cushioning that’s placed above the mid-sole. It has an anti-bacterial coating, thus making the interior environment cleaner and healthier for the foot.


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