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9 reasons to buy

  • The majority ‘loved’ the optimal amount of cushioning of the Newton Distance 6.
  • Most runners appreciated the lightweight nature of the shoe.
  • Most users seemed happy with the sizing schemes.
  • The wearers highlighted the excellent responsiveness of the midsole, which enabled them to do extra miles without getting tired.
  • The users lauded the snug fit of the shoe.
  • A runner was very happy with the effectiveness of the shoe on slopes by providing good traction and preventing in-shoe wobbliness.
  • A wearer mentioned how he was very much satisfied with the extra room in the toe-box since it prevented the incidence of rubbing.
  • A tester praised these shoes by calling them ‘a fast performer’.
  • A purchaser thought that the colors of the Newton Distance 6 were simply ‘awesome’.

1 reasons not to buy

  • A customer decided to return the pair since he found these shoes a bit too tight.

Bottom line

The Newton Distance 6 has become the favorite of many within the road running community owing to its optimal cushioning, impressively lightweight and intelligently snug fit. With its sleek stylish looks and eye-catching color combinations, the shoe satisfies the fashion urge of the fashionistas as well.

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/100 by Kristian Hapgood, posted on .

The Newton Distance 6 certainly has a lot going for it. It’s very light, weighing in at 224g, and it runs pretty fast as a result. However, it couldn’t be considered as ‘normal’ when compared to other running shoes.



This shoe, like the Newton brand in general, fits into quite a niche market and won’t appeal to everyone. For me, this was the 2nd time I tried Newton runners, so I did have an idea of what I was buying!

Firstly, when we look at the heel to toe drop, it is definitely in the low drop range, with a drop of only 2mm. A 2mm is about as close to zero drop as you can get.

This limited amount of heel to toe drop can take some getting used to if you haven’t run in similar shoes before—other shoes can be as much as 12mm drop.



Another area in which this shoe stands out as different is the forefoot and midfoot of the sole of the shoes.

These areas house the Newton ‘lugs’. They are said to be there to absorb and release energy efficiently and also aid responsiveness and forward propulsion.

To me, the ‘lugs’ took some getting used to. They felt strange and alien at first. In time, I did get more used to them, but they never felt quite right. In general terms, the sole didn’t wear well either.



I used these shoes to train for the Great North Run in 2019 and probably did about 200 miles in them, but as per the photo above the sole got worn down quickly.

During the GNR, I also blistered in the shoes, underneath the lug area on the midfoot on each foot—not ideal during such an important event.

The back outer edge of the shoe actually came away completely, and I had to mend with some superglue. I didn’t use them much after that.



I did love the uppers. The breathable mesh upper was really nice, and the forefoot felt roomy. Sizing was true to size. I bought a 7.5 UK, 41.5 EUR. Maybe if I had my time again, I would have gone up a half size though.

Also, the colourway was beautiful, a very striking yellow and blue with lovely flat laces. They looked and felt vibrant, and I was thrilled with them at first. The lace-lock system also worked well on keeping my heel in place while running.

Unfortunately, the shoes didn’t stay this colour for long. They didn’t seem to like any kind of mud or dirty water, and after only a few runs, I could never get them back to their original splendour. They soon looked washed out, as per the photos at the start of my review.

In fact, the shoes don’t run very well in the wet at all. It’s maybe due to the aforementioned ‘lugs’.

But, when encountering wet surfaces, the shoes were very slippery—much more slippery than any other shoe I have run in, which is certainly not ideal for most UK conditions.



In summary, these shoes left me a bit confused. They had elements I really liked. The low drop was fine once I got used to it. I loved the colour, and they felt splendidly fast.

However, there were also bits I didn’t like—the ‘lugs’ and soles in particular. Also, the colour I loved at first faded too quickly. The soles also wore down way too fast, and like the Bon Jovi album were ‘slippery when wet’.

For experienced Newton runners or anyone that can enjoy Newton’s unique features, this is a great running shoe. They are good for tempo and threshold training and could comfortably be used up to half marathon distance.

However, there are too many peculiar features for me, hence a decent score.

Kristian Hapgood | Level 3 expert Verified
Hi, I’m Kristian, an avid runner. I came late to the party when it comes to running, starting at the tender age of 41 but have found over the last few years that I really love it. I find it great for my mental and physical health and well being. I now have one marathon and five 1/2 marathons to my name. I average about 20 miles a week, and my PBS include 20:12 for 5k and 1hr 40:04 for half marathon.

  • The 6th iteration of the Newton Distance has mainly retained features and technology of its past version to maintain a similar feeling. It has, however, made small changes to its overall design for enhanced comfort, breathability and fit for the users.
  • The upper’s design has been improved for enhanced breathability and a softer feel against the skin.
  • The size of the lugs on the outsole has been improved for better grip on asphaltic surfaces. The enhanced shape allows the runner to perform efficiently on roads without having to worry about the shoe’s traction or its resistance to abrasion.  

The Distance 6 from Newton fits true to size. It comes in the standard running length for both the genders and a standard medium width of D for men and B for women. The shoe has a spacious toe-box, which makes it suitable for the wide-footed people, as well.

The durable ‘High-Density rubber’ in the forefoot region provides a long-lasting layer of protection. It also delivers traction, which is important for every movement on the roads.

The SHARC (Super High Abrasion Rubber Compound) Outsole is very effective against abrasion. It also keeps the shoe performing excellently for a much longer time.

The Full Flex Zone with ‘ice lugs’ takes care of the runner’s foot splay during the propulsion stage of the ride. It accommodates the natural flexibility of the foot, especially when the joints bend for the takeoff.   

The Newtonium foam in the midsole offers an optimal combination of remarkable cushioning and efficient energy return to the user. This material features responsiveness that enables the runner to cover extra miles on the shoe without being tired or at risk of getting injuries.

The Action/Reaction feature is an interesting technology of the Newton Distance 6. The lugs, which are effective in the heel and forefoot region, work by absorbing and then releasing the energy from impact forces back into the shoe’s environment when the runner assumes the toe-off position. This way the technology helps in the forward propulsion while running and keeps the runner motivated throughout one’s ride. This unique technology could also be seen in action in the Gravity 8, another Newton running shoe.

P.O.P. 1 Platform consists of lugs that retreat into the air-filled chambers upon impact. The platform heightens the responsiveness of the shoe while also enabling it to perform even faster on the asphalt.

The ‘High-rebound EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate)’ layer ensures additional bounce to every stride of the ride and provides extra cushioning underfoot. The material is of high quality and therefore very resistant to impact forces. It is also very durable.

The Newton Distance 6 houses the ‘Biomechanical foot sensor plate’ which increases the shoe’s perception of the movement and helps in making a flexible ride for the runner.

The shoe houses the ETC Sockliner, which offers underfoot protection and comfort. It also has an anti-bacterial property that keeps the interior foot clean.

The breathable Engineered Mesh on the upper allows for a healthy inflow and outflow of air through the foot-chamber. This results in instant drying and cooling of the foot while out on the roads. It also consolidates the shoe structure in its key areas. The mesh material is seamless and feels smooth against the skin, which saves the runner from chafing or irritation.

The Heel Lace Lock keeps the user’s heel locked down in its proper position throughout the run and ensures a snug fit around the foot. The feature prevents uncomfortable slipping of the foot inside the shoe while running.

The Pre-Molded Heel Counter further improves the fit of the user’s heel for a better running experience.

The Newton Distance 6 does not use the traditional shape for its laces; instead, it has ‘Semi-flat Laces’. The flatness of the laces holds and maintains the customized fit of the shoe for the user throughout one’s ride.

The 360-degree reflectivity of this 6th iteration of the shoe provides enhanced visibility in conditions where the light is really low. The feature makes this shoe suitable for wearers who are used to running at night.

The Strobel Last, stitched to full-length fabric across the upper, enhances the silken feel against the skin, thereby increasing the underfoot comfort for the runner.

The tongue enables the users to slip on these shoes quickly and efficiently. It also helps in maintaining a snug and secure fit around the foot.    

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Sizing was true to size. - Kristian Hapgood, Level 3 expert

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