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New Balance X-70 welcomes modern updates and flaunts a fresher look than the more traditional New Balance sneakers. Treated with an advanced midsole technology that is used in some of the brand's running shoes, this new breed is created as a multipurpose kick that belongs to NB's sneaker collection that delivers comfort in a lightweight package.


  • Very light
  • Comfortable for all-day errands
  • Available in neutral shades
  • Charming aesthetic
  • Affordable
  • Hard-wearing
  • Good for light gym exercises
  • Can be used for jogging


  • Tight at the forefoot
  • Firm

Who should buy New Balance X70

You should definitely get the New Balance X70 if:

  • you want a budget-friendly NB shoe that flaunts a heritage-inspired design
  • you are looking for lifestyle footwear that is not heavy on the feet
  • you need an NB sneaker that can be used for day-to-day activities 

New Balance X70 side logo

Who should NOT buy New Balance X70

The NB X70 is a little bit tight at the forefoot, so if you have wide feet, the New Balance 550 will suit you better. The Fresh Foam Sport from New Balance is also another excellent alternative if you want an NB shoe with plush cushioning.

New Balance X70 outsole

This NB sneaker will not slow you down

New Balance Fresh Foam X70 keeps everything light and comfy. This all-around sneaker is stripped off with unnecessary layering and weight, causing it to weigh about 290 grams only. 

New Balance X70 midsole

Aside from delivering cushioning, the Fresh Foam found on the midsole is responsible for bringing a lightweight ride.

New Balance X70: A multipurpose everyday kick

A lot of users are beaming about how comfortable this low-top sneaker from New Balance is. As described in numerous reviews, it is a kind of footwear that is suitable for day-long errands. 

It is suitable for daily grind, minimal gym exercises, standing and being on foot for more than 8 hours, and light jogging. Wearers revealed that their feet do not hurt at the end of the day.

New Balance X70 laces

Not for wide feet

Those with wide feet might not enjoy this since more than a few purchasers notice that this kick feels tight at the forefoot.

New Balance X70 toe box

This is still not soft enough

Also, while this model is one of the running-inspired NB sneakers that is built with the impact-absorbing Fresh Foam unit, more than a handful of wearers hoped it had softer cushioning.

New Balance X70 fresh foam

Mix and match this sneaker with any outfit

Several of those hooked to this shoe rave about its availability in chic, neutral shades. It is treated with seasonal colors that can be mixed and matched with strings of apparel. This can even be worn to work.

New Balance X70 low top

Lots of users are also praising its charming, less bulky structure. Those who wear the New Balance X70 find themselves receiving a lot of compliments.

This NB model will last

New Balance X70 is crafted with durable materials that last longer than expected.

New Balance X70 suede material

The suede material on the upper is one of the materials that are responsible for the sturdiness of the NB X70.