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9 reasons to buy

  • Many consumers wrote that the New Balance Vazee Rush v2 was comfortable right out of the box.
  • The upper unit received recognition because it was able to breathe air into the foot-chamber, keeping the foot well-ventilated.
  • A number of runners commented that it was lightweight and that it didn’t make them feel as if their feet were being dragged down.
  • It didn’t look bulky, which made a lot of consumers comfortable about how it looked as it wrapped around their feet.
  • The Rapid Rebound midsole gave a mini-launch assist during the running session, according to those who tried it.
  • The underfoot cushioning was reliable enough that the testers didn’t report any discomfort or pain in their legs and feet.
  • The general durability of this model was lauded by purchasers because, for them, it had managed to stay intact even after many uses.
  • The outsole rubber compound received some praise because it was able to grip nicely onto the ground.
  • Several consumers were able to use this shoe casually, and they felt it kept them comfortable throughout their activities.

4 reasons not to buy

  • There were some testers who didn’t appreciate the cushioning system in this model, noting that it was too low and unresponsive.
  • A purchaser complained that the insole was so thin that he wasn’t able to feel any additional cushioning or support at all.
  • Some runners thought that the upper was a bit too much in terms of color; for them, the bright colorways didn’t gel nicely.
  • The underfoot platform apparently gave off an annoying squeak with each step, a tester complained.

Bottom line

The New Balance Vazee Rush v2 was able to provide comfort to many runners. They said that this road shoe was able to deliver great service as a neutral running companion and as a casual option. The materials used here were reliable and long-lasting, they commented. The only complaints were about its size and width, which were somewhat small for a few consumers.

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/100 by Matthew Leonard, posted on .

New Balance shoes, I find that I need a ½ size larger than would be my “normal” size. The shoe then fit snugly right out of the box.

New Balance uses the term “sock-like fit”, and that does feel like the right description. There’s no excess of material at all around the shoe, which feels as if it moulds to the foot without feeling tight, and also provides sufficient room in the toe box.

There’s no “breaking in” of the shoe required. I tried a 3 mile test run on the day they arrived, and they felt so good that I wore them in a 10k race the following day.

With a “one piece construction” to the upper, there are no seams to rub the foot; the shoe is also comfortable for running without socks, which may be worth considering for runners who also enjoy triathlons.



I can’t pretend to be a sports shoe design engineer so won’t try to explain the characteristics of New Balance’s “Rapid Rebound” and how it provides the claimed 17% extra bounce back.

My own experience is that the shoe provides a cushioned ride, whilst feeling firmer and therefore more responsive than the heavily cushioned shoes I have previously worn.

I haven’t yet used it for the long mileage associated with marathon training, but have been more than happy with the feel and cushioning up to the Half Marathon distance.


The sole itself is well suited to road running, as well as light trails. It is not designed for rougher terrain.

It appears to have a good covering of hard rubber, especially at the heel, which should provide good durability, especially for a heel striker such as me.

It is however too early to comment in detail on the durability.


The upper is comprised of three layers of mesh. As well as providing a good fitting, as described above, this also gives good ventilation to the feet throughout even the hottest of runs.



Water will of course get into the shoe on wet days, but it’s hardly a surprise to any runner that your feet will get wet when it rains!

More importantly, the water can easily get back out again, and the shoe does not feel as if it absorbs too much water, and so continues to feel light despite the heaviest downpour.


As mentioned in the overview at the top, I found that these shoes just “feel fast”. They mould to the foot in a way that makes them feel part of you, and feel great to run in.

At the same time, the shoe doesn’t seem to compromise on cushioning in the way that some shoes designed for racing can do (especially for heavier runners), I didn’t feel the impact through the foot as you land.

The shoe manages to do this without the sponginess that some well-cushioned shoes can provide, especially those which are built on thick foam soles.

The shoe is obviously designed for road use, and is very much at home on the roads, but can also perform on light trails too; one of the 10k races I used the shoes for in the second week of wearing included a couple of miles of stony trails which the shoe handled with ease.

The shoe is cushioned enough to run on reasonably large stones without feeling them through the sole.


The shoe looks great, fits like a glove and feels fast. It provides more than sufficient cushioning, even for the larger runner, without ever feeling “spongy”.

These shoes are now widely available for under £60 and at that price, I’d highly recommend the shoes. Definitely worth picking up a pair to keep for races!

Matthew Leonard | Level 4 expert Verified
Somewhat bigger and heavier than the average runner (6’2”/ 85kg), I’ve been involved in a variety of sports throughout my life before settling on running as I approach the half century. I’m lucky enough to live on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales as I love running on the coast or in the mountains of Snowdonia, generally averaging around 80-90km per week.

  • The New Balance Vazee Rush v2 is a running shoe meant for those with neutral pronation. It contains materials and components that work together in order to make the running experience more comfortable and secure. Visually, this model is also appealing, with eye-catching colorways and a contemporary design.
  • The upper unit of this neutral running shoe makes use of a breathable mesh, which is capable of encouraging environmental air into the foot-chamber as a means to keep the wearer cool and dry. The no-sew application of the fabrics helpfully prevents skin irritation and other distractions. It’s a simple-looking upper unit, but it’s efficient and long-lasting.
  • The mid-sole unit of the New Balance Vazee Rush v2 utilizes a technology called the Rapid Rebound Cushioning. It’s made up of a full-length foam that’s very responsive and springy. It cushions the foot well and launches it forward with energy and sureness. Protecting this foam material is a lightweight, but durable rubber compound. It acts as a shield against the abrasive asphalt.

The New Balance Vazee Rush v2 has a standard running shoe length. It comes in sizes that adhere nicely to runners’ preferences. The available widths for the men and women’s versions is medium and wide, therefore it is able to accommodate a variety of foot-dimensions.

Durable rubber protects the mid-sole unit from the abrasive nature of the asphalt. It is capable of shielding it and sparing it from damage that might be caused by surface exposure, friction and continued use. It’s also responsible for traction, which is important for the running session.

The New Balance Vazee Rush v2 features the Rapid Rebound mid-sole technology, which is a high quality full-length foam that’s responsible for carrying the foot and cushioning it throughout the running session. Its responsive and springy nature allows the foot to get more energy during the landing phase in order to have a more enabled lift during toe-off.

A fixed foam sock liner adds a bit more cushioning to the underfoot. It’s soft and it doesn’t make the platform stiff or unwieldy.

The upper unit of the New Balance Vazee Rush v2 uses breathable mesh. It covers the foot and keeps it in place. It is also breathable, which means it is capable of keeping the foot of the runner well-ventilated throughout the running session.

Synthetic materials provide structure to the upper unit. They’re not heavy or substantial in form, but they’re efficient in wrapping the foot in a snug and secure fit.

A no-sew application is employed in this shoe. It cancels out the use of unnecessary layers and stitches, which might cause irritation to the skin. With this, runners can essentially wear the New Balance Vazee Rush v2 without socks.

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