Who should buy the New Balance TWO WXY V2

This basketball shoe from New Balance is suitable for the following:

  • Lighter players who need a lot of court feel
  • Heel strikers who need ample protection in the rear area of their feet
  • Wearers who are OK with less premium materials

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from New Balance

The second installment of the New Balance TWO WXY longevity is significantly reduced if it's used frequently outdoors. Hoopers who usually play on open-air concrete and/or asphalt courts are better off with the New Balance Kawhi 2. This shoe also feels more premium, being a signature shoe for one of New Balance's most prized endorsers Kawhi Leonard.

Players who don't have the time to break in their shoes are also not expected to enjoy the TWO WXY 2. This issue is common among New Balance hoop shoes, so it's better to try offers from other brands. The Jordan Why Not ZER0.4 can be a good start.

Heavier players also seem to be not the target of this shoe.  They are better off with big men's shoes like the Nike LeBron 19

Phenomenal bite, anyone?

Experts are just so happy with how grippy the New Balance TWO WXY V2 is. One of them exclaims that this has "top-tier traction" that performs "absolutely amazing." Another adds that the outsole, especially the forefoot area, "sinks into the court and gives you tremendous balance." He continues that this shoe just delivers "a lot of confident grip." 

Dust is not that much of a problem

The New Balance TWO WXY V2 is one of those shoes that have been built to have some sort of dust resistance. An expert reports that the sole's dust-pickup is very minimal; a quick and infrequent wipe already does the trick!

The TWO WXY V2 and its well-balanced midsole tooling

An avid reviewer boldly claims that this New Balance is equipped with a "no-BS" cushioning system that offers a "really good blend" of the benefits that a player would reasonably expect from the midsoles of their shoes. Another expert relays that this shoe delivers a low-to-the-ground feel without sacrificing impact absorption and comfort. He continues that this shoe also has a "fantastic, very responsive" side to it.

Enjoy smooth steps with the New Balance TWO WXY 2

This NB hoop shoe has roundedness in both its front and rear ends, and this leads to "very very smooth, absolutely amazing" steps, an expert says. Another reports that the toe area is flexible enough to bend quite nicely, and this also contributes to smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

Comfortable upper materials

An expert reports that the upper is made of materials that feel "extremely minimal and very lightweight" on the foot. Another review even said that New Balance "hit a home run" with the upper because of how comfortable it is and how it "moves like an extension of your foot." There is also a player who points out that the upper offers "pretty good" breathability. 

Materials are not of the highest quality

While they do the job just fine, two experts still say that the material quality is "not the best" and that the upper generally "feels pretty cheap." 

Has to be broken in, but not for long

Yes, there is still a need to break in this shoe, but two experts say that the time needed for this isn't long. One of them even metaphorically says that it seems to him that the goal was the "reduction of break-in time to nearly zero."

Overall, support is OK...for lighter players

An expert says that the New Balance TWO WXY V2 gives him zero issues as far as support is concerned. However, he cautions that the experience of those players who are a lot heavier may not be as pleasant.

Be careful with the NB TWO WXY V2's sizing

Reviews are mixed when it comes to fit. Half of the experts say that this basketball shoe is actually OK with wide-footers. The other half, though, feels like this shoe is more for those with narrow to medium feet. Given this, it is wise to try this shoe in a nearby store before purchasing online.

Outdoors: The TWO WXY V2 works, but does not last

To be fair, an expert says that the tread of this shoe has a "tremendous grip" on various surfaces, including those that are usually found outdoors. However, there seems to be a consensus that the pattern on the outsole is not as resistant to abrasion as one would have wanted. Outdoor is still recommended, especially if longevity is a major concern.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 10.8oz
Top: Low
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: New Balance TWO WXY

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