Who should buy the New Balance Nergize Sport

This truly affordable trainer from NB is going to appeal to the following:

  • gym-goers who are into light to moderate workouts
  • fashionistas who want a sneaker that easily goes with their fitness outfits
  • workers who are looking for shoes that ensure comfort even if they are on their feet for long hours
  • wide-footers because this shoe is also available in a wide version

Who should NOT buy this trainer from New Balance

Quite obviously, those who do intense feet-focused workouts such as jogs and sprints are not going to be happy with the Nergize Sport. The same can be said for many other New Balance trainers. It's helpful to go for shoes from other brands such as the Metcon 7 from Nike or the Reebok Nano X2

Light and comfortable, that's what the Nergize Sport is all about!

This New Balance training shoe is guaranteed to deliver comfort. Even if you stand in this shoe for hours, there will be no pain because of how cushy it is. It's really light, too; so you get an almost barefoot feel with this.

However, it must be noted the typical version of this shoe can be a little too narrow. Luckily, this shoe is available in especially wide versions so wide-footers are still able to enjoy this.

Supportive and stable, yes it is!

Even though the shoe is light, the materials that make up the upper are responsive enough to keep the foot in place. The laces are also secure enough not to get undone quite easily. Because of this, the shoe effectively gets rid of wobbliness even during the execution of rigorous exercises. If you want to focus on your workouts without having to worry about slips and falls, then the Nergize Sport is the one for you.

Hit the ground running with the New Balance Nergize Sport

This training shoe does not require any break-in time; it's comfortable and already very effective straight out of the box. People who are looking for a sneaker that hits the ground running are going to be happy with this.

The looks and the price, they are all nice!

The New Balance Nergize Sport is fairly affordable. As a result, more and more get to enjoy the goodness that this New Balance training shoe delivers.

Aside from being effective in providing comfort and stability, it also has the looks that turn necks. This training shoe is going to be great for nightouts and gigs around town. What more can you ask for? 

Facts / Specs

Weight: 5.3oz
Use: Jumping rope, Weightlifting, Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal, Wide
Release date: Aug 2021
Features: Lightweight
Collection: New Balance Nergize
BRAND Brand: New Balance

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Nicholas Rizzo
Nicholas Rizzo

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