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7 reasons to buy

  • Many players appreciate the sneaker-like comfort that the New Balance Minimus SL provides.
  • A significant number of users do not feel the difference between this trainer and spiked shoes. Its grip, even on the fullest swing, is unbeatable.
  • A massive amount of commenters compliment the shoe for its waterproof feature.
  • Several reviewers cannot get enough of the style. Not having the usual big N on the sidewalls is a change that is particularly praised.
  • Various testers are delighted with how lightweight it is.
  • Some recommend this shoe because it is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The sole is considered supportive by a handful of users.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Quite a lot of golfers are disappointed with the durability of the trainer. Many have experienced soles separating after only a few months of wear.
  • A couple of athletes are not fans of its bulky construction.
  • A significant amount of buyers complain about the lack of ventilation.

Bottom line

The spikeless version of the New Balance Minimus receives high regards among its buyers. For many, the peak of the shoe is its comfort. It is an essential feature when walking through the 18 holes. There are still many improvements that can be done for this shoe like the durability and breathability.

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Good to know

The Minimus SL is a golf shoe that belongs to the brand’s collection of minimalist performance shoes. The Minimus features a plethora of athletic trainers that cater to various sports like golf, running, and training.

Like the other products from the lineup, the NB Minimus SL combines function and fashion that suits the varying needs of the golfer.

NB built with ND. The bottom of the Minimus SL displays an interesting pattern. The heel and forefoot sport a maze-like design while the midfoot has a series of hexagon shapes. The whole outsole is composed of a rubber compound which ensures its durability and green-friendliness.

Rev it up with RevLite. This shoe is equipped with the REVLite cushioning, a lightweight foam material. It gives the same responsiveness and durability as the EVA foams, but only 30% lighter. This compound is also used on other NB sneakers like the 247.

Keeping it light with Fantom. Wrapping the shoe is a skeletally-engineered upper called the Fantomfit. It includes a no-sew process that meshes two thin materials to achieve targeted support while keeping the weight to the minimum.

Leather but different. Most golf shoes, especially the traditional ones, are dressed in leather. The NB Minimus SL uses a microfiber leather. Naturally, it is breathable and facilitates circulation. It is also given a waterproof treatment to arm the shoe for an all-condition play.

The sleek and sporty look of the Minimus SL spells that it’s just ready to take on as many rounds as possible. Though it looks like the typical performance shoe, the trainer comes with some unique elements as well. One of which is the almost plain sidewalls, which is not typical for NB shoes.

The N’s on the sides have become an identifier. This style feature has been traded with zig zag lines and contrasting hues that give a geometric division to the shoe.

  • New Balance offers a 2-year water-resistant warranty for this trainer.


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