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The NB Minimus Prevail fuses the best of minimalist shoes and CrossFit footwear, without leaning too much towards either. Its thin and firm base makes sure the foot stays stable during weightlifting, while the lightweight and breathable construction accommodates agile exercises.


  • Versatile for gym use
  • Feels super grounded
  • Supreme traction
  • Durable outsole
  • Very lightweight
  • Sock-like fit
  • Breathable


  • Not walking-friendly
  • Tongue digs into skin

Who should buy the New Balance Minimus Prevail

Stemming from the brand’s older New Balance Minimus running shoes, the Minimus Prevail goes back to the basics. This type of trainer will be appreciated by those who value the following:

  • Very thin and flat sole that barely buffers the foot from the ground
  • A light and flexible trainer that feels quick and agile
  • A sock-like upper that feels barely there

New Balance Minimus Prevail logo

Who should NOT buy the trainer

If you are not fully up to going minimalist, there are more high-class Crossfit shoes to consider:

  • If you do lots of jumps, the closest alternative to the Prevail would be Under Armour TriBase Reign 3. Just as flat and grounded, it comes at the same price but feels a bit more cushioned.
  • If you want a classic cross-trainer that’s just as excellent but feels less minimalist, go for the Nike Metcon 7;
  • If you want your trainer to feel more comfortable and cushy to the extent that you can wear it all day, check out the Reebok Nano X1.

New Balance Minimus Prevail best use

NB Minimus Prevail vs. Minimus 40

The Prevail took a closer step towards minimalist compared to its preceding Minimus 40 trainer. Here are the most significant structural changes:

  • It got better for lifting. The full-length REVlite midsole is thinner and stiffer, offering better power transfer and ground contact for weightlifting.
  • Better fit. The upper has been updated in response to the complaints about the Minimus 40’s narrow fit. The new engineered knit provides a more precise fit as well as more space in the toe box.
  • Added heel support. The new ASYM counter offers lateral support where it is most needed.

New Balance Minimus Prevail heel support

Lifting weights or training agility - the Prevail is there for you

Reviewers of various athletic backgrounds have praised the Minimus Prevail for covering all of their gym activities. It has successfully handled squats, deadlifts, kettlebells, rowing, stair, machine, plyometrics, and more.

Despite the REVlite foam being on the firmer side, it offers the essential cushioning and response needed for burpees and other jumps. An expert also mentioned that “they don’t really burn out your feet too much.”

New Balance Minimus Prevail cushioning

At the same time, this foam is quite flexible. It makes the trainer bend easily in the forefoot section. That way, the foot’s flexibility doesn’t get hindered during the running and jumping portions of the workout.

Feel nice and grounded with this minimalist trainer

CrossFit enthusiasts claim that the shoe’s minimalist sole offers excellent ground contact and power delivery for lifting.

Its platform is designed wide and flat to plant the entire foot firmly on the floor. It also comes with well-defined edges that prevent the foot from rolling over the side.

New Balance Minimus Prevail wide platform

Like most flagship CrossFit shoes, the Minimus Prevail has a 4-mm difference in height between the forefoot and the heel. This minimal drop is considered to be a norm for cross-training where a more natural foot position is preferred.

Apart from weightlifting, the trainer has also received multiple compliments for its solid lateral stability. That is when you shift side-to-side or perform fast-paced multi-directional movements.

New to the Minimus series is the ASYM Heel Counter. It is an external panel made of sturdy TPU which reinforces stability in the rearfoot. ASYM stands for asymmetrical and refers to the component’s shape. Larger on the sides and thinner at the back, it gives support where it’s most needed without being a bulky heel drag.

New Balance Minimus Prevail asym heel counter

Expect supreme traction with the Minimus Prevail

Most people admire the shoe’s Vibram outsole for its excellent grip on gym floors. As one reviewer put it, it “keeps your feet glued to the mat.”

The shoe features an innovative lug pattern for enhanced multi-directional traction. The brick-like treads eliminate the chance of foot slipping during jumps, quick cuts, lifts, and stance adjustments.

The rubber extends on the sides, forming protective walls that do an amazing job holding the rope.

New Balance Minimus Prevail rubber outsole

Outsole is not wearing out that easily

Based on the users’ feedback, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the outsole’s ability to last. In addition, Vibram is a long-established brand that has an excellent reputation for its wear resistance.

The side portions of the rubber also do a great job protecting the midsole from abrasive rope climbs that can “burn” the material.

New Balance Minimus Prevail vibram sole

It’s a lightweight minimalist NB shoe

Many testers agree that the Minimus Prevail feels very light on the foot. In fact, it belongs to the lightest training shoes on the market. Weighing 10 oz (284 grams), it’s right below the average of 10.6 oz (300 grams).

This is partially thanks to the shoe’s lightweight REVlite sole. According to the brand, it is constructed to be just as durable and well-performing as the other shoe foams while being 30% lighter than them.

Knit upper helps with that seamless sock-like fit

The engineered knit upper creates a more adaptive fit than mesh or synthetics. It is also significantly lighter. The reviewers enjoy its close-fitting yet non-compressive sensation.

Keeping the upper protected without adding to the weight, the knit fabric has been instilled with strong TPU fibers. Light synthetic overlays are only present around the eyelets and on the toe box, where extra protection comes in handy.

New Balance Minimus Prevail fit

No issues with heel slippage have been reported but if that’s something you often struggle with, there are extra lace loops added at the top. These can be used to create a lace lock to minimize the chance of slipping.

Your toes are not getting toasty in the Minimus Prevail

The strategically perforated knit upper allows the foot to breathe inside the shoe, as stated by most testers. Its level of breathability will also work for training in warmer places like a non-air-conditioned garage gym, for example.

New Balance Minimus Prevail breathability

Tongue might bite

The only point of concern about the upper is the potential chafing from the tongue. An expert reviewer complained that it digs into the skin when the laces are pulled tightly.