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Update: New Balance MD500 v5
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 1/4-inch
Surface: Rubber
Use: Mid Distance, Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump
Price: $70
Weight: Men: 5.7oz | Women: 4.7oz
Brand: New Balance
Small True to size Large
Neutral Stable
Stiff Flexible
Durability 7/10
Comfort 7/10
Traction 8/10
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Use - The New Balance MD500 v6 is an all-around track shoe designed for multiple events. It can cater to mid-distance racing, ranging from 800 to 1500 meters. This track and field shoe is also suitable for hurdle and jumping events as it is designed to be versatile. 

Spike Type - The shoe employs 6 pyramid spikes, all in ¼ inch diameter. These spikes are meant to deliver a grippy and supportive ride, regardless of surface and movement. These spikes are also removable.

Spike Plate - Pebax® plate is located at the forefoot of the MD500 v6. This component supplies aggressive traction, providing a safe and secure ride. 

  • Being the 6th iteration to the MD500 series from New Balance, the MD500 v6 is designed to be highly versatile. It can perform in various events and has been designed to do so. To deliver quality performance, the shoe has gone through some updates. 
  • One of the prominent updates of the MD500 v6 is its new open mesh upper design. It gives a breathable wrap around the foot, permitting natural air to circulate within the shoe. 
  • To maintain the durable properties of the series, the shoe still employs a Pebax® plate outsole. This material helps protect the shoe from abrasion.

The New Balance MD500 v6 is available in standard sizing scheme for both men and women. 

The new open mesh upper of the shoe basically hugs the foot to give a secure fit. Meanwhile, the no-sew synthetic overlays enhance the integrity of the platform while securing lockdown fit.

Featured on the outsole of the New Balance MD500 v6 is the Pebax® plate. It is situated at the shoe’s forefoot and is made out of thermoplastic polymer. Such a technical element of the MD500 v6 increases its propulsion. It also employs a great balance between traction, speed, and flexibility. Lastly, because of the impact resistance of the shoe, it allows long-lasting durability. The same outsole component is incorporated into the Nike Zoom 400

The MD500 v6 has a six-spike configuration which is also designed to perform in diverse events. It delivers maximized grip and traction to allow optimal performance.

A thin foam spreads across the midsole of this track and field running shoe. This foam material provides an added cushioning to the shoe, enhancing in-shoe comfort. Furnished to the heel of the MD500 v6 is an EVA Heel Wedge. It gives added protection to the heel, as the name suggests while maintaining the lightweight structure of the shoe.  

To offer an updated look, the New Balance MD500 v6 now utilizes an open mesh to serve as its outer layer of protection from dirt and debris. It also provides a snug fit, as it follows the natural contours of the foot. It is lightweight and it offers a breathable wrap around the foot. 

The no-sew synthetic overlays embellished to the shoe are not only for structural integrity and support, but they also help in eliminating pinch points. The strategic placement of these seamless overlays increases the flexibility of the shoe.