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Use - The MD500 v4 is touted as a highly versatile track spike that can function in a multitude of track meets. It generates optimal performance in middle-distance races, hurdles, and jumping events. 

Spike Type - There are six pyramid spike pins assigned to the running shoe. These are detachable to accommodate the varying needs of the athletes. This pin type is known for digging into the track surface with every stride, propelling the contender forward. 

Spike Plate - To host the removable pins of the mid-distance shoe, a Pebax® plate with a six-well setup is equipped. It exhibits flexibility and durability, permitting the user to last in the competition. It has minimal bulk, preventing drag from occurring.

One refinement made to the New Balance MD500 v4 is the application of an EVA heel wedge. It is implemented in order to amplify cushioning and support. 

The upper construction has also been revamped. Instead of using synthetic mesh to envelop the foot, synthetic leather has been established. It is intended to minimize weight while maximizing comfort and security. 

The remainder of the running spike's composition replicates the componentry of its predecessor. For instance, its Pebax® plate still features a six-well placement—intended to promote versatile function.

The MD500 v4 is available in standard sizing scale for both men and women. Thus, users can get a pair with their usual size preference. 

There are certain technical features that affect the mid-distance spike’s fit. For instance, the synthetic leather upper wraps around the foot for optimal security and lockdown. The foam collar that complements the upper material gives added support. Lastly, the EVA heel wedge is responsible for boosting comfort and fit.

A Pebax® plate with a six-pin layout has been deployed on the outsole of the New Balance MD500 v4. It is made of thermoplastic polymer that exhibits high-strength qualities. It’s stiff yet embodies a sufficient amount of flexibility for unrestricted foot flex. It serves as an underfoot cushioning, attenuating impact shock with every footstrike. Because of its general engineering, it gives a steady push-off to the runner. The same outsole element is present in the Nike Zoom Victory 3.

Located at the underfoot of the running platform is an EVA heel wedge. It is tasked with delivering plush cushioning to the foot chamber for ample comfort. Moreover, it also pronounces support and shock mitigation. This prevents slippage and foot injuries from happening.

To wrap snugly around the foot, synthetic leather acts as the upper material of the New Balance MD500 v4. It is a material that’s ideal for distance running shoes as it lessens bulk. Aside from being ultra-light, it features strategic placement of perforations. This fashion allows the wearer to feel optimal comfort and breathability. 

A foam collar is also implemented on the upper. It provides a tight yet comfortable security. It aids in preventing unwanted shoe removal in the middle of training or competition.


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