The New Balance Hanzo S

80 / 100 by Jack Slavinskas • Level 2 expert

The New Balance Hanzo S is a road race style running shoes that weigh 6.6 ounces for men's and 5.4 ounces for women's.

They have a heel to toe drop of 4 mm. They were released last January 2017.




They feel comfortable but if you have flat feet you might not feel exactly what I feel since the arch is low.

The first time I put them on I felt a little discomfort in the upper foot because the edges of the tongue keep folding inside the shoe. You need to break them in before it stops.

Besides that, the shoe feels great. It hugs my heel perfectly which avoids slipping. 

The flexibility in the toes also allows for a smooth ride. These are also extremely light so you don't even realize you're wearing them!

The only time I start to feel any type of discomfort is when I'm running on uneven terrain like trails. These are definitely not meant for trails! It destroys the shoe if you do!



These shoes have okay durability as long as you take care of them.

That means running on trails minimally and not doing anything stupid with them. The part that is going to start to fade first is the outsole. 

But you can get a decent amount of mileage on these from 5ks to half marathons.



What I'm starting to see is the soles starting to peel off a little but it's not that noticeable.

Also in the front part, the grips stand out and they start to fade and get less grip.


Looks & Design

These things are flashy. It just looks like a fast shoe.

They only come in neon/black so you don't have any other selections but the neon/black really look cool. Really cool design. Probably one of the best looking shoes I've seen for the price.



There is a reason these are meant for racing. They will make you fast.

They provide a nice smooth bounce off pavement, track, and treadmill surfaces but I wouldn't recommend running on trails. 

You will definitely have no problem reaching for those extra miles. From those fast-paced track workouts to half marathons you will always be happy. 



The New Balance Hanzo S breathes very well since the shoe is so thin. They are so thin that it might even become a problem if it is cold out.

Your feet start to freeze up a little if it is windy. It literally goes right through the shoe. It is perfect for those very hot summer days though.

The way the shoe is built, it actually makes it slightly easier to keep a good running form too. These might be good for people starting out in long distance running.



  • Super lightweight 
  • Minimal heel slips
  • Flexible
  • Nice bounce 
  • Extremely nice breathability 
  • Perfect for runners of all skill levels
  • Available in both men's and women's



  • The tongue folds in and can cause discomfort for some runners
  • Terrible for running on trails or any other rougher terrains
  • The outsole tends to start to fade fast
  • Only 1 design so if you better like how it looks
  • Might not be the best on cold weather due to it's thinness



Overall, I would recommend the New Balance Hanzo S if you are a newer runner and you are going to road race.( Not trails!)

The shoe is fast but not that durable on its outsole. You will NOT get as much life out of the shoe than you would like!

Nevertheless, the New Balance Hanzo S is a fast, comfortable shoe which is great for racing.

Jack Slavinskas

Jack Slavinskas • Level 2 expert

Hi, I'm Jack Slavinskas, a distance runner on a varsity cross country/track team. I love doing triathlons during the summer and off seasons. I've done it all from trails, roads, and treadmills & have tried a lot of different running shoes along the way. My goal is to build up and eventually do an Ironman.

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