We spent 9.8 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what training geeks think:

7 reasons to buy

  • The New Balance FuelCore Quick v3 Trainer was found to be true to size by owners in general.
  • Many gym-goers noted that the shoe performed well during high-intensity workouts, CrossFit, and cycling.
  • Plenty of users were satisfied with the comfort provided by the footwear.
  • The aesthetics of the product pleased a lot of people.
  • Several buyers enjoyed the lightweight nature of the footgear.
  • Some testers liked the low-drop sole unit as they felt stable during weight training.
  • The price was considered reasonable by a few purchasers given the shoe’s sturdy construction.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Numerous consumers complained about the narrow fit of the New Balance FuelCore Quick v3 Trainer.
  • The rubbery insole earned the ire of multiple wearers as it made the footgear challenging to put on when wearing socks.
  • The footbed was perceived uncushioned by a minority of commenters.

Bottom line

The New Balance FuelCore Quick v3 Trainer received praise for its comfort and style. Users also liked its lightweight nature and low-profile sole unit. Though consumers stated that the shoe ran true to size, the same cannot be said about the width; many individuals mentioned that it was narrow. There were also complaints regarding the rubber insoles as they prevented socked feet from sliding in smoothly. But in the end, the positive attributes of the footwear outweighed the negative ones and were enough to convince consumers to purchase it for their workout sessions.


Use: Workout
Price: $90
Weight: Men: 9.9oz
Heel to toe drop: Men: 6mm
Width: Men: Normal, Wide | Women: Normal
Features: Lightweight
Brand: New Balance
Colorways: Black
Small True to size Large
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  • The FuelCore Quick v3 Trainer is a workout shoe from New Balance designed to be lightweight and responsive to the wearer’s moves. The upper is made of synthetic and textile materials that are breathable to keep the foot chamber ventilated. The side panels utilize the Fantom Fit technology. This construction fuses two thin materials together to create a fabric that is lightweight, yet supportive.
  • The trainer uses the REVlite midsole. This proprietary foam compound is as durable and responsive as foams that are 30% heavier.
  • The shoe has the Quix2 insert. This grippy insole provides traction inside the shoe to prevent the foot from sliding out of place.
  • The QUIX rubber makes up the outsole of this footwear. This technology provides flexible underside protection that delivers a steady base during lateral movements.

The New Balance FuelCore Quick v3 Trainer only comes in men’s sizes. It is generally true to size and is available in D - Medium and 2E - Wide width profiles.

The New Balance FuelCore Quick v3 Trainer features a redesigned QUIX outsole. This proprietary rubber compound is engineered to be flexible but stable enough during lateral motions. It allows users to make quick side-to-side cuts without losing their balance.

It has flex grooves that promote natural foot flexion. The tread pattern on this model enhances the traction of the outsole on different surfaces.

The midsole of the New Balance FuelCore Quick v3 Trainer is made of the REVlite. This compound is designed to have the same responsiveness and durability as other New Balance foams that are 30%. Its low-profile construction does not impede shock absorption. The low-to-the-ground cushioning platform provides a stable base for the foot.

The inside of the foot chamber is lined with the Quix2. This data-driven insert sports a rubbery surface that grips the foot to prevent it from sliding out of place during workouts. It ensures that the foot is firmly planted inside the shoe to avoid injuries.

The New Balance FuelCore Quick v3 employs textile for the upper. This material is lightweight and breathable to keep the foot chamber well-ventilated during intense workout sessions. The synthetic overlays reinforce the high-abrasion areas such as the toe box, the side panels, and the rear section. It prevents the fraying of the underlying fabric due to friction.

The side panels utilize the Fantom Fit technology. It makes use of two thin materials fused together via a no-sew process to deliver a lightweight but supportive structure.

The cleatie construction makes for a quick on and off wear of the trainer. Though the tongue is attached, it still features a lacing system that allows the wearer to customize the fit of the upper.


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