Profile of the New Balance FuelCore NERGIZE

The New Balance FuelCore NERGIZE is a workout shoe designed to meet the unique needs of active women. It is made of lightweight materials that help keep the wearer moving.


Some areas of the REVlite foam are exposed and serve as part of the outsole. Rubber pods are used in the high wear areas to protect against abrasion. This type of construction maintains the lightweight nature of the product without compromising the traction of the outsole.

Flex grooves adorn the forefoot section of the New Balance FuelCore NERGIZE. These furrows aid in the proper flexion of the foot. The tread pattern on the outsole also enhances the traction of the rubber.


The New Balance FuelCore NERGIZE employs the REVlite midsole. This proprietary compound is engineered to be as responsive and durable as foams that are 30% heavier. This lightweight platform attenuates shock and provides stability to the wearer.

Inside the footgear is a removable memory foam insole. This component adds another layer of protection and comfort without putting more weight on the shoe.


The upper of the New Balance FuelCore NERGIZE is made of textured mesh. The newer models feature a soft, closely-knit material on the midfoot and the forefoot for a sleeker look. Both fabrics are lightweight and breathable, keeping the foot chamber ventilated. Its texture also gives the upper a unique look.

It features a lace-up system and an elastic band at the midfoot area. The laces allow users to tune in the fit for a customized feel. The elastic band adds to the snugness of the upper.

The V-dip in the collar makes for unhindered ankle movements. It also allows the footwear to be worn or taken off with ease.


The current trend of New Balance FuelCore NERGIZE.
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