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Terrain: Road
Arch support: Neutral
Weight: Men: 5.3oz | Women: 4.1oz
Heel to toe drop: Men: 8mm | Women: 8mm
Pronation: Neutral Pronation
Arch type: High arch
Material: Rubber sole
Strike Pattern: Midfoot strike
Distance: Competition
Release date: Sep 2019
Brand: New Balance
Type: Low drop
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Price: $200
Colorways: White
Small True to size Large
Stiff Flexible
Warm Breathable
Firm Plush
Durability 6/10
Comfort 9/10
Traction 6/10
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91 / 100 based on 13 expert reviews

  • 89 / 100 | Running Through It | Level 1 expert

    Yeah, that was pretty good. Take it up, they feel like they feel tip . So there's actually like a Jack's mic on say like that definitely feel that squeeshiness especially when he's kind of walking between sets.

  • 95 / 100 | Road Trail Run | | Level 4 expert

    If you spring for the FC5280, you'll absolutely not be disappointed; it's undoubtedly one of the most fun shoes of the year. Just know that I'll be jealous of you and all your opportunities to wear them

  • 95 / 100 | Road Trail Run | | Level 4 expert

    I love the New Balance FuelCell 5280. It's fun to run in, and takes me back to the days of racing laps around the track, spiking up for workouts, or traipsing through muddy parks for cross-country repeats.

  • 95 / 100 | Running Warehouse | | Level 4 expert

    The New Balance FuelCell 5280's snug and aggressive design offers a uniquely speedy ride; if you're looking to run at paces under 5 minutes per mile, this could be the fastest shoe you've ever run in.

  • 93 / 100 | Believe in the Run | | Level 4 expert

    My first real test in these shoes was some short 10 second sprints up and down my street. My GPS clocked me at 4:48 pace for 0.08 miles. Probably the fastest I’ve ever run, and as far as I could ever hold that pace. The main thing I noticed was that I was running on my toes, a weird sensation as a heel striker.

  • 90 / 100 | Runner's World | | Level 4 expert

    The 5280 is a very purpose-driven model, designed for one task—the road mile. It’s essentially a track spike, without the metal pins, but includes the extra cushioning you need to hammer fast on rock-hard roads.

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  • This road running shoe, the New Balance FuelCell 5280, is designed for those who have neutral foot mechanisms. It utilizes a breathable knit upper area. This super-lightweight material is focused on providing a better inflow of air during the run. It keeps the foot cool and dry at all times to promote a healthier interior environment.
  • The shoe features the FuelCell technology, New Balance's bounciest midsole version. Along with the flared midsole design and a multi-directional carbon fiber plate, the 5280 is sure to be the runner's perfect partner in confidently finishing the race on time. With the right combination of these features, improved performance is encouraged.

The New Balance FuelCell 5280 is built following the standard running shoe length, and it claims to be true to size. This running shoe is designed for racing; thus, fit specifications include narrow heel and forefoot widths, as well as low toe box height and midfoot volume. The FuelCell 5280 is best suited for neutral pronators or wearers with high arches.

The Tacky EVA is integrated into the New Balance FuelCell 5280. Along with the Tacky EVA, it is injected with Dynaride Rubber and an optimized lug configuration. This component of the shoe aims to deliver excellent grip during the toe-off phase. The outsole is one of the essential features of a running shoe because the traction it provides affects the performance of the runner.

Like the New Balance FuelCell Propel, the same midsole compound is used in 5280, the FuelCell technology. This material is described to be New Balance's most responsive midsole compound. Made of nitrogen-infused foam, it delivers a bouncier feel and great launch with every step. When compared to regular EVA, the foam is made up of TPU that offers a consistent and responsive ride. As a result, improved speed is promoted.

Together with the FuelCell technology is the Multi-directional Carbon Fiber Plate. This feature of the shoe is strategically designed to flex at initial contact and is designed to flex at initial contact. After being flexible, it stiffens at toe-off. The primary purpose of this is to encourage propulsion.

The Hypoknit is integrated into the upper section of the New Balance FuelCell 5280. This lightweight material is focused on providing breathability. As a result, better inflow and outflow of air during the running session is experienced by the user.

Used in crafting the shoe is the Bootie construction. New Balance added this feature of the FuelCell 5280 to provide a sock-like fit during the running session. 

Integrated into the New Balance FuelCell 5280 is the VL-6. This component of the shoe is described to be a running-specific last that utilizes a standard forefoot, heel, and toe-box height.

Once again, New Balance created and brought to the market new running footwear that is intended for those who want to take their activities to the next level. Like the New Balance FuelCell Rebel, the shoe is designed strategically designed for the everyday-type of a runner. Both shoes are described to be lightweight in nature. During race days and up-tempo training and workouts, both deliver a high-rebound performance.

The FuelCell Rebel uses a thin engineered mesh in the upper area. This is essential in providing a breathable and lightweight structure. On the other hand, the hypoknit upper is integrated into the New Balance FuelCell 5280. This component of the shoe is lightweight and offers added breathability as well.

When compared to the FuelCell Rebel, both shoes utilize the improved version of the FuelCell technology. This is focused on providing a plush cushioning system that works well with the midsole's flared design. This technology aids in achieving a run with faster paces and longer distances. 

The Rebel uses a single piece blown rubber in the outsole area while the 5280 utilizes the Tacky EVA. The uniquely-structured outsole of both shoes uses different types of materials that provide the right amount of traction and durability needed in the running activities.