Profile of the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL

Who is it for? This shoe is built for golfers longing for a modern-looking shoe that operates as everyday wear and high-performance golf wear. 

What is it good for?

  • The cleatless construction of this shoe is built to bring traction throughout the entire 18 holes and functionality pre and post-game.
  • The cushy midsole makes this an excellent choice for those looking for all-day comfort and those who prefer to walk.
  • The New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL is excellent for all-conditions wear. The mesh and waterproof upper provides breathability without compromising water protection.


Zoned traction. The bottom of the NB Fresh Foam LinksSL is built with a spikeless smart rubber outsole. The color mapping is not only for design purposes. It is meant to highlight key performance zones to give superior stability and traction that are suitable for different surfaces.


Fresh after a round. Based on its name, this shoe is equipped with Fresh Foam, a technology used on New Balance running shoes. This cushioning system is 10mm, making golfers experience that cloud-like feeling on every step. 

Plush as Cush+. A secondary midsole is also provided to expand and maximize the comfort of the shoe. The Cush+ is a lightweight and responsive foam that cradles the foot without being too squishy.


Dual upper. The microfiber leather and performance mesh are positioned strategically to optimize the benefits. The toe area possesses the mesh, to invite coolness inside the interior. The microfiber leather, on the other hand, gives the shoe additional structure and support to keep the foot from slipping. 

Moisture defense. The construction of the Fresh Foam LinksSL is also unique. It is arranged with a forefoot water-ground that is welded to assure durability and further protection. It also has a bootie construction, eliminating the use of the tongue, making it easy to wear. Pads are also placed around the heel to avoid blisters and constant rubbing on the Achilles and ankle.

New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL Style

The resemblance of the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL to runners is uncanny. Though it continues to possess a polished look, it also balances the casual style because of the incorporation of the mesh upper.

How to style? Versatility is this shoe’s best asset. Though it can be described as “basic,” it works to its advantage since it can be paired with a variety of clothing. Golfers who have performance in mind than style wouldn’t look like it if paired equally fool-proof pieces. Nonetheless, those who are more experimental will undoubtedly find this easy to work with as it doesn’t clash even with colorful or risque pieces.

Nice to know

  • This shoe is given a 2-year waterproofing warranty.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 12oz
Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Synthetic Upper
Closure: Laces
BRAND Brand: New Balance
Colorways: Black / Grey / White

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