Profile of the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro

Who is it for? The NB Fresh Foam LinksPro is designed for people searching for a shoe that is suitable for all conditions. 

What is it good for?

  • The shoe's spiked design warrants a slip-free pattern to go through the different parts of the course.
  • The microfiber leather upper with mesh accents doesn't only give a polished yet sporty look but presents moisture protection and breathability.
  • This product is suitable to handle the harshness of summer and winter.


Advanced cleat system. The bottom of the NB Fresh Foam LinksPro is equipped with the most advanced insert system currently available on the market. Seven Pulsar spikes are scattered across the outsole to ensure maximum turf grip throughout the entire swing. The FastTwist 3.0 Cleat System also enables golfers of a smooth change over the shoe's lifespan.

Exoskeleton TPU Outsole. The spikes are seated on a rigid TPU outsole to improve traction further. It is not only engineered to adapt to the natural foot motion, but it is devised with geometrical shapes to aid the foot as it rotates. 

Lower is better. Ground control is not a compromised feature for this pair as it is constructed with a low profile. 


Data-driven design. Sectioned in different zones, the midsole of this trainer holds a structure that balances cushioning and lateral stability because of the various levels of compression and resistance. 

Cush+ for that extra push. Housing the insole of this New Balance golf shoe is a responsive cushioning system that delivers all the comfort, durability, and stability one needs throughout the round. 

Cloud-like feel. Along with the Cush+, this shoe is provided with a 10mm Fresh Foam. Based on its name, it is extra soft. Additionally, it doesn't compromise comfort and support, and that can be felt on every step.


Mixed materials. Wrapping the upper of the NB Fresh Foam LinksPro is a combination of performance mesh and microfiber leather. This blend welcomes supreme breathability and durability. The forefoot is also positioned with a welded water guard to give additional protection as the foot points to the ground during the follow-through. 

Improved Fit. Fit is essential in any sports shoes. This trainer has a bootie or a sock-fit construction, which secures to fit, no matter what the movement is.

New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro Style

The looks of these New Balance shoes are created for the professionals or those aspiring to be one. The sleek silhouette perfectly matches the proper attire that is required when playing. The synthetic leather material gives structure, while the incorporation of the mesh bestows a sporty vibe on the overall styling of the product.

Nice to know

  • This product is awarded a two-year waterproofing warranty.


The current trend of New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro.
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