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Who should buy the New Balance Cush+ 715 v4

The New Balance Cush+ 715 v4 is designed to meet the demands of low-to-moderate cross-training activities.  This women's athleisure footwear might benefit you if:

  • You are looking for a shoe comfortable enough for daily errands, walks, or simply spending the day on your feet.
  • You have bunions that a roomy-enough shoe is needed to accommodate such conditions. 
  • A shoe styled to go along well on both sports and casual clothing is what you are after. 

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Basic grip

The NB Cush+ 715 v4 doesn’t have an outsole as such. It only features rubber pods in the forefoot and heel areas to help with traction. However, it may not be your best friend in wet and slippery conditions.

New Balance CUSH+ 715 v4 Outsole1

Unhindered foot flexibility

The entire length of the sole is lined with multi-directional flex grooves. Shallower in some parts and deeper in others, it makes sure the trainer bends together with the foot. That way, a free and natural movement is promoted.

New Balance CUSH+ 715 v4 Outsole2

The brand’s softest cushioning

The shoe uses two layers of padding to make sure the foot stays comfortably supported:

The CUSH+ foam makes up the bulk of the midsole. It is described as the plushest cushioning technology in the brand’s array, 13% softer than any other NB foam.

New Balance CUSH+ 715 v4 Midsole1

It is also one of the lightest. The choice of CUSH+ is explained by the purpose of the shoe: it must be comfortable enough for both gym and all-day wear.

New Balance CUSH+ 715 v4 Midsole2

The Memory Sole Comfort Insert acts as an additional buffer between the foot and the midsole. It adapts to the individual foot shape for enhanced comfort.

New Balance CUSH+ 715 v4 Insole1

The New Balance Cush+ 715 v4's breathable support

Nearly one-piece mesh fabric covers the upper unit. Its pores promote airflow, making the shoe suitable for sweaty gym sessions and warm sunny days.

New Balance CUSH+ 715 v4 Upper1

No-sew overlays add no extra bulk to the style but still work to support the foot inside.

New Balance CUSH+ 715 v4 Overlays

Facts / Specs

Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal / Normal, Wide
BRAND Brand: New Balance
Toebox: Wide
Colorways: White / Black
SKUs: WX715LG4 / WX715LH4 / WX715LK4 / WX715LN4

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