• Use
    All-day wear

    All-day wear

    Shoes that maintain underfoot support for extended periods of wear. Great for long walks, shopping, running errands, and casual wear. See walking shoes for all-day wear


    Lightweight all-around shoes that can be taken anywhere from a long plane ride to a city sightseeing tour. See walking shoes for traveling


    These shoes tend to be more supportive to withstand long hours on the feet. Some of them are marked as slip-resistant. They typically come in plain color schemes. See *casual walking shoes*

  • Arch support


    For people with normal pronation. Also provide support for underpronation (excessive outward rolling of the foot). See neutral walking shoes


    For people with moderate overpronation (inward rolling of the foot). See stability training shoes

    Motion controll

    For people with severe overpronation. See motion control walking shoes

  • Closure
  • Foot Condition
    Flat feet, Overpronation, Plantar fasciitis

    Flat feet

    Shoes with arch support that help to take the strain off the collapsed foot arches. See wakling shoes for flat feet


    Footwear with gait correcting technologies which prevent the foot from excessive inward rolling. See walking shoes for overpronation

    Plantar Fasciitis

    Trainers with sufficient arch support and shock absorption which help to ease the plantar fascia inflammation. See walking shoes for plantar fasciitis

    Diabetic (A5500)

    These shoes carry the Medicare/HCPCS A5500 code which implies that they have been approved for use by people with diabetes. See walking shoes for diabetes

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The New Balance 928 v3 is a walking shoe designed to deliver all-day comfort and motion control. The second version of this model was short-lived as many consumers did not like the narrow toe box. This model takes the successful elements of the first two versions and makes a few updates to deliver a comfortable ride.

The New Balance 928 v3 employs the Ndurance rubber, a proprietary technology that is designed to be extremely durable even when used on hard pavements. This compound also has a textured pattern to offer traction on most outdoor surfaces as well as grooves for flexibility. The rubber is non-marking which implies that it does not leave scuff marks on floors. Its rear portion has a slight bevel which provides a smooth transition to the flat part of the outsole.

The outsole features an off-centered band of rubber known as the Walking Strike Path technology. It serves to guide the foot throughout the walking gait cycle, ensuring that it rolls smoothly from the heel to the toes. The flex grooves in the forefoot also promote flexion.

The midsole of the New Balance 928 v3 is made from CMEVA. It is a type of foam that does not readily get compressed but is soft enough to cushion the impact of each step.

The ABZORB cushioning technology lines the midfoot area, extending to the front of the midsole. It serves as an additional layer of shock-absorbing material to prevent discomfort or injuries in the lower extremities.

The Rollbar posting system in the heel section makes this model a motion control walking shoe. This technology consists of a molded TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) plate that connects the medial and the lateral postings to reduce rearfoot movement. The firm material also prevents the midsole from compressing at the sides to avoid overpronation and supination.

The rocker-shaped midsole reduces plantar flexion. It helps in the heel-to-toe-off motion, removing the stress from the ball of the foot and the toes.

Inside the shoe is the removable polyurethane (PU) sockliner. It has anti-microbial properties to ensure a healthy foot environment and has a plush characteristic that adds comfort.

The New Balance 928 v3 utilizes a mesh fabric for the upper. This material allows air to flow into the foot chamber to keep it fresh. It is also soft to promote mobility.

Synthetic overlays line various sections of the upper. They are found in the toe box to protect it from impact and abrasion. They are also placed in the midfoot area to provide lateral support. At the back, they serve as an external heel counter to prevent the foot from wobbling.

Inside the shoe is the Phantom Liner. This sock-like material provides a seamless interior to reduce irritation or blister formation.

The trainer uses a traditional lace-up closure that keeps the foot securely in place. The padded tongue prevents the round laces from cutting into the instep. It also has a plush collar that locks the foot down to avoid accidental shoe removal.

  • The New Balance 928 v3 not only comes in a range of different width profiles but also in a selection of various upper materials. While the original shoe features a mesh-and-synthetic upper, other variations of the trainer include leather and suede.
  • In its turn, the leather model is offered in two closure options: one with a traditional lacing system and the other one with twin hook-and-loop straps.