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6 reasons to buy

  • Several users commented on the high level of comfort given by the shoe.
  • Testers said that the price was just right for the quality that they had received.
  • A majority of users used the New Balance 720 v4 for everyday activities and they wrote that it remained efficient.
  • A good number of users appreciated the modish design of the shoe, though it’s minimal-looking.
  • One user observed that the underfoot platform was soft enough that it felt like walking on clouds.
  • The shoe is a great option for those who have wider feet, said some reviewers.

3 reasons not to buy

  • One major disadvantage that several users noted was the tongue, which was constantly shifting; for them, it posed as a discomfort.
  • Many noticed that this shoe ran a little narrow. One tester accounted that the 4E width measurement felt more like the 2E one.
  • Some testers noted that the shoe didn’t have the best durability; for them, some sections started to wear off early.

Bottom line

The New Balance 720 v4 is a neutral road running that’s fit for daily use. It targets all-day comfort while delivering a smooth ride. Because of its wider width availability, it’s also a shoe for those with wider feet. It is preferred as a shoe for work and for casual wear, but it can also function well when used for light forms of exercise and short runs.


Terrain: Road
Arch support: Neutral
Weight: Men: 10.4oz | Women: 8.4oz
Heel to toe drop: Men: 10mm | Women: 10mm
Pronation: Neutral Pronation
Arch type: High arch
Use: Jogging
Strike Pattern: Heel strike
Distance: Daily running | Long distance | Marathon
Release date: Jun 2017
Brand: New Balance
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Price: $80
Colorways: Black, Blue, Grey, Multi
Small True to size Large
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A top rated Road running shoe

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82 / 100 based on 1 expert reviews

  • 82 / 100 | George Chiriac

    New Balance 720 V4 - The one good for everything

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    As stated in the name, the New Balance 720 V4 is the fourth version of the 720 line. It's a neutral road running shoe with a nice cushioning and feel.

    It's somewhere in the entry-mid level from New Balance, under the performance of the Fresh Foam Zante or the highly appreciated 1080. But this does not mean that is not a good pair of shoes.



    The New Balance 720 V4 have a nice design, simple and functional. They have a no-sew material for the upper with a net-like structure that creates a very breathable mesh. They have a padded ankle collar and a full lacing system to keep your foot steady and comfortable.



    The outsole is made from one single piece of rubber, with small lungs and a pattern that helps you to get the grip and flexibility.

    The midsole has the Cush+ technology from New balance and it's made from IMEVA (injection-molded EVA foam) to provide durability, flexibility and cushioning in the same package. Together with the New Balance Response 2.0 performance insert, they created a 10 mm drop shoe made for everyday running.



    Thanks to the Cush+ midsole and the Response 2.0 insert found on the NB 720 V4, you get a really nice cushioning. The shoes are comfortable enough to be used for daily training.

    Also, the sole of the shoe is very wide. I found a really good advantage in having a wide sole, especially in the front foot area. Even if they are not stability shoes that help you to not over pronate, the wide sole keeps your foot stable and the ground and gives you trust when you want to increase the pace or run a more technical road race.



    The upper provides a tight fit on the mid area of the foot, locking it very well, and the toe box is wide. I don't have a very wide foot and the space provided by the toe box and the front of the shoe is enough to have a high level of comfort.

    They have a good breathability and I never felt any discomfort caused by the heat or sweat.



    The sole is made from 3 main parts. The first one, in contact with your foot is the Response 2.0 insert that keeps your foot steady and ads some additional cushioning.



    The second component of the sole is the Cush+ midsole. After around 500 km of running with this shoes on road, treadmill during the winter and even hard trail, I would say that the cushioning is better than I expected from a shoe in this price range.

    The last component of the sole is the outsole, responsible with the traction. It's made from a single piece of rubber with a non-regular pattern for the small lungs. I choose the New Balance 720 V4 to run a trail half-marathon and I was really happy with the comfort and the traction of the lungs.

    It was a hard trail and I choose them for a faster and comfortable ride compared to some trail shoes. They were a little bit slippery during a very steep downhill in the forest, but the traction was really impressive for a pair of road shoes.



    After I run around 500 km in them, I have a really good impression of the durability. The upper mesh and the interior of the shoe is still is a really good shape and I am happy that they are not very affected by the wear.

    The problem that I found in them was the durability of the outsole. Even if it's made from a pretty thick layer of rubber, in my case, it started to wear very, very fast on the main contact points with the ground (heel and front).

    At some point I started to run a lot on the treadmill because of the winter weather and the treadmill may be the problem that caused the wear of the outsole. Still, I was not expected to see so much wear after 60-70 km on the treadmill. To stop the wear I applied a thin layer of very hard plastic on the 2 areas with the most wear and I saved them.



    The wear that appeared after I started to run on the treadmill (old photo – less than 100 km with them)

    In time, the wear appeared on the rest of the outsole also and the lungs are now much smaller, but I also have a much higher number of km run with them. I still don't know if the treadmill was the problem, but if I compare them with the Adiwear rubber used by Adidas, the quality of the New Balance is inferior. The Adiwear on the treadmill has no sign of wear, but on the New Balance rubber, it was a lot.


    The wear that appeared after I started to run on treadmill (old photo – less than 100 km with them)

    New Balance uses this type of material on other shoes also, even entry-level trail shoes, so I guess it's not as bad as my experience. But I would never choose a pair of shoes from New Balance with the same type of material for the outsole.


    The New Balance 720 V4 is made to provide you a decent comfort during your everyday running. I would not say that they are made for long distances, but I have used them for distances up to half marathon, even a trail one.

    They are not either lightweight or heavy, but for their price tag, I would say that the weight and felling is decent and you receive a lot for the money.

    Maybe the Cush+ system is not as good as the Fresh Foam used in other NB shoes, but for around 500 km they were my training partners and I never felt that they lost their cushioning capabilities.

    I even raced them on the trail and I felt that the wide sole and the lacing system can provide a secure fit and movement. They definitely don't provide the same protection on very technical trails with rocks and mud as some trail shoes, but if you want to combine your road training with some light trails near your city, they are a good choice.



    The wide toe box combined with the mesh with a lot of breathability offers a nice mix of comfort. I did not have any problems with rubbing that may cause blisters or sweat, because they dry very fast.

    The only issue that I had with them was the premature wear of the outsole, but this may be also because of the treadmill. Still, the rubber is softer compared to other manufacturers. At least the lungs and patterns provide a good traction and flexibility at the same time.

    I use to wear them also into the gym. They are comfortable, I like the design and they still look very good after so many km of running so I decided to make them my go-to shoes for almost everything.

    Comparison with other shoes

    When I compare them with other shoes that I own, they are somewhere in the middle. In terms of cushioning, they don't provide so much cushioning as the Hoka One One Hupana 2 or the Nike Zoom Structure 21, but they are definitely better than entry level Adidas or Nike shoes.

    They are not stability shoes, so you have less support than the Nike Zoom Structure 21, but I miss the stability that you get in the 720 V4 when I use my Hoka One One Hupana 2. Just because they are wider, change the way that you feel your foot hitting the ground and it stops him to overpronate. I would love if the Hupana 2 had the same support combined with their cushioning, that is superior.

    The outsole rubber is softer and it wears faster than the Adiwear used by Adidas for some of their shoes or the rubber used by Nike for the Zoom Structure 21.

    When it comes to size, I have the same size as in Nike, 47.5 European sizes. I tried in store other pairs of New Balance, the same size, but they were smaller. So I think that is better to try them in store if you want to buy them.



    The New Balance 720 V4 are a great pair of shoes for road running, gym or cross training. If you don't have a big budget to go for the high-end models you can definitely start with these.

    I am pleased with the performance and the overall durability of the shoes, considering also the budget. I would definitely recommend them for amateurs that just started to run or for more experienced ones if they want a budget pair of shoes for the short easy or recovery runs.  

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  • The New Balance 720 v4 is the revamped version of its predecessor. The updates were minor, but still essential, so the shoe can fit the requirements of runners who are wanting for an upgraded level comfort and ride without worrying about the price of the shoes.
  • The one-piece outsole was designed to give the shoe better movement and traction-capability. The bean-like flex pads were replaced with almond shaped ones that vary in size. They are strategically patterned on different areas of the outsole to provide a more responsive ride and better grip on varying surfaces.
  • New Balance introduced their Flexonic Technology into the midsole of the shoe. Unique flex grooves are incorporated in the mid-sole and they allow the foot to move easily and naturally. It also serves an aesthetic purpose as it adds to the shoe’s already stylish appearance.
  • The Cush+ Technology is injected into the midsole, giving the shoe its cushioned underfoot feel. The foam is durable, but soft enough to promote all-day comfort.
  • The Response 2.0 Performance insert in the midsole provides extra cushioning, as well as comfort. This additional inner sole from New Balance smoothens the lining from inside the shoe, giving the runner an improved in-shoe feel.

The New Balance 720 v4 is available in standard sizes for male and female runners. Aside from the regular medium width variant, it also comes in wider width measurements, 4E – Extra Wide for males and D – wide for females.

The outsole of the New Balance 720 v4 is made up of a durable rubber formed into a unique design that specifically improves the traction of the shoes. Surface-grip is heightened by almond-shaped flex-pads that have different corrugations on each of its surfaces. These flex-pads have a single design, but their size varies in different sections of the outsole, which make surface-control more agreeable.

The outsole is designed as a single-piece unit. This is significant as it contributes to the responsiveness and smoothness of the New Balance 720 v4’s ride.

On the midsole is New Balance’s Cush+ Technology. The company describes it as a revolutionary foam compound. It’s the best of both worlds as it provides next-level softness and underfoot cushioning without affecting the durability of the rubber.

The upper of this cheap running shoe is made up of a breathable mesh, which helps in keeping the foot cool and dry. The net-like structure of the mesh allows air to seamlessly enter the foot-chamber. It is also lightweight and it hugs the foot securely.

In terms of the overlays, New Balance stuck to the minimalist theme of the shoes. A few synthetic overlays were added to the upper of the shoe, but they still give way for much of the upper mesh material. The most noticeable overlay is the “N” logo of New Balance, which gives minimal support and shape to the lateral and medial areas of the shoe.

New Balance also gave some attention to ankle comfort with the New Balance 720 v4’s padded ankle collar. This improves the fit and comfort of the shoe from the ankle and provides this part of the foot with minimal support.

The full lacing system helps with the fit of the shoe. Runners can loosen or tighten the lacing according to their fit preference. Tightening the laces will prevent the shoe from accidentally coming off when the foot is in motion.