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7 reasons to buy

  • A lot of reviewers gave this pair high overall satisfaction scores.
  • Majority of those who had used the New Balance 580 Deconstructed Mid appreciated the comfort that it had always provided.
  • A considerable number of those who left reviews said that the pair effectively protects their feet from the harsh winter cold.
  • There were mentions of how sleek and attractive this highly simplified pair looks.
  • The mid-cut deconstructed version of the New Balance 580 is reasonably priced.
  • The New Balance 580 Deconstructed Mid runs true to size.
  • There are a number of attractive tonal colorways to choose from.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Quite a few reviewers reported that the toe areas of their shoes were very vulnerable to wear and tear.
  • There were few reviewers who raised concerns about how the collar of the New Balance 580 Deconstructed Mid looks like a folded sock, which they found funny.

Bottom line

The New Balance 580 Deconstructed Mid really delivers on the promises of its quite reasonable price. Its neoprene and leather upper provides the much-needed protection against the harsh winter cold. Its sleek pared-down appearance and tonal colorway provide that coherent winter look. Giving this pair a try will not be a bad idea.


Base model: New Balance 580
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: New Balance 580
Price: $125
Colorways: Black
Special editions: 1 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top 6% best sneaker
A popular pick

This New Balance 580 Deconstructed Mid is available only for men. Each pair has the standard width. The gents can choose their best fit from sizes 7.3 to 13.

The New Balance 580 Deconstructed Mid not only protects its wearers from the harshness of winter; it also promotes or even enhances their stylishness. Its sleek silhouette and tonal colorway easily go with almost any cold-weather ensemble. Plus, its debossed version of the unmistakable New Balance logo confers to every wearer the reputation of activeness that the brand will forever be known for.

The premium leather upper of the 580 Deconstructed Mid serves a dual purpose. It offers a contemporary look with the capacity to make the user comfortable during the cold months. As with most premium leathers, this one also adds even more durability to the upper.

The original New Balance 580 had a fairly successful run when it was released in the mid 90’s. In 2016, New Balance released a series of deconstructed versions of the 580.

Stripped of the usual vibrancy and bulk, the pared-down versions retain only the features that are essential in delivering value to their wearers. The New Balance 580 Deconstructed Mid, for its part, retains the REVlite sole to ensure comfort and stability. Its mesh and neoprene upper still has a premium leather overlay that effectively captures the silhouette of the 580. The materials used on the upper also protect the wearer against the cold.

The New Balance 580 Deconstructed Mid’s stripping down to the bare essentials, however, does not compromise appeal. Without the usual vibrancy, the monochromatic colorways present a new futuristic look that many appreciate.

  • The New Balance 580 Deconstructed Mid uses EVA for its midsole to ensure top-level cushioning.
  • The pared-down appearance of the leather overlay was achieved using a laser technology, which eliminated much of the stitching.
  • Pull tabs on the heel and tongue allow for convenient on and off motion.
  • The tongue and ankle collar have sufficient padding for more comfort.