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5 reasons to buy

  • Comfortable: A vast majority of owners have claimed that the New Balance 577 v5 feels comfortable to use for light workouts, weight training, or studio classes.
  • Stable: According to numerous users, they feel stable when lifting weights while wearing this pair of New Balance workout shoes.
  • Cushioning: A lot of folks love the pillow-soft cushioning and claimed relief from knee pain when exercising.
  • Light: Many reviewers appreciate the lightweight build of this model as it allowed them to move swiftly.
  • Style: According to plenty of shoppers, they love this mesh training shoe's simple look as it pairs well with both casual and workout clothes.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Fit: Some shoppers have complained that the toebox feels cramped.
  • Durability: A few wearers have experienced outsole peeling on this pair in a matter of weeks.

Bottom line

The New Balance 577 v5 delivers a classic look that people have come to love but has been upgraded to offer better support and comfort during workouts. It is equipped with the Cush+ midsole unit that diminishes impact from foot landings to prevent knee and foot discomfort. It comes highly recommended for light to moderate workout sessions.

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New Balance 577 v5: Training in classic style

If you love the New Balance Classics' look but need something that can cope with light to moderate exercises, why not check out the New Balance 577 v5? It has a similar silhouette to the Classics but has a more robust cushioning technology.

Why use the New Balance 577 v5

Cushioning. Those who are just starting to workout may enjoy training in this pair of New Balance cross-trainers because the Cush+ midsole is effective in absorbing shock. It also converts the energy from the impact to propel the foot for the next move.

Grip. Meanwhile, the underside is protected by rubber. The cut-out design ensures grip, regardless of the foot's position, but doesn't add too much weight to the trainer.

Breathability. Sweating while you train is normal, but that doesn't mean your feet should be soaked in them when you exercise. This is where the mesh upper comes into play. The fabric is woven closely for a secure foothold, but still allows air to pass through and heat to dissipate.


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