Size and fit

The comfortable and stylish New Balance 574 Core comes in men’s and women’s sizing. It has a lacing system that users can adjust the tightness of the shoe’s fit. To provide decent foot breathability, the upper is made of a combination of mesh and suede materials. Also, it utilizes the ENCAP technology that offers comfort and shock absorption. 

New Balance 574 Core Style

Being a duplicate of a running shoe icon, it is expected that the silhouette and structure of the New Balance 574 Core will look best with activewear. However, the company does not intend to limit the current version’s reach to that.

By splashing it with colors that range from neutral to bright, the shoe is easily catapulted to the pantheon of attractive items that a style-conscious buyer can play with. There are now claims that the 574 Core, especially the white and black ones, go well with dresses.

If the ready-made colorways are found to be not responsive enough to one’s style, the company actually gives the buyer the freedom to customize the look of their New Balance 574 Core. Indeed, support for individuality and personal expression is strong with this one.

Check out some of the suggested ways to style the New Balance 574 shoes:


      • For a semi-formal look with a sporty vibe, a pair of New Balance 574 Core women’s sneakers look perfect with a mini-skirt and a matching blazer with a printed shirt underneath. This outfit is an excellent choice to round out a business casual look.
      • For a cool and casual look that can scream style from the rooftops, the New Balance 574 Core sneakers in red can perfectly match cuffed sporty joggers and a sleeveless and hanging shirt.
      • A pair of New Balance 574 Core can simply match a cotton shirt and black shorts for a nice and comfortable outfit during the weekend.
      • Another way to style the New Balance 574 Core in black is to wear it with a white jumpsuit and a knitted sweater tied around the waist.
      • The New Balance 574 Core trainer in blue and grey colors can match perfectly with a black see-through skirt and black cycling shorts underneath it and a sleeveless shirt.
      • For a functional and fashionable getup, the kick in black color works perfectly with a black skirt and a black sleeveless shirt underneath a white blazer.
      • For pregnant ladies who want to wear a comfortable and relaxing outfit while staying on-point, they can wear a pair of these vintage-styled sneakers in black and other colorways with ripped skinny maternity jeans and a pink shirt with a puffer vest. They can also accessorize their wardrobe with a scarf around their neck.


      • While it is not appropriate for every work environment, but when done and appropriately matched, the New Balance 574 Core sneakers can easily adapt with your business attire. This shoe can be paired with white cuffed pants and a checkered blazer with a white shirt underneath.
      • Cuffed denim jeans and a casual cotton shirt when paired with the New Balance men’s 574 core fashion sneaker make a cool and stylish outfit on a nice and sunny day.
      • For a relaxed outfit on the weekend, a pair of the 574 Core sneakers of New Balance can definitely match and complement khaki shorts and a short-sleeve or cuffed long sleeve shirt.
      • For a smart casual attire on a nice sunny day, a pair of these low tops in grey color can match perfectly with a dark grey shirt and cuffed pants with an oversized coat.
      • The New Balance 574 Core can definitely match with brown khaki pants and a light blue long sleeves shirt with a necktie underneath a brown suit.
      • For a casual look, a pair of New Balance 574 Core men’s can perfectly match with cuffed denim jeans and a long sleeve shirt with a necktie underneath a blazer.
      • Jogger pants with a short-sleeve shirt and a jacket paired with these running-inspired kicks can make you feel relax and comfortable for a casual and everyday outfit.

Notable Features

As a retro, the most valuable asset that this model has is its silhouette that successfully mimics that of the original. Anyone who had lived through the late 80s when the original was released surely won’t have a hard time recognizing the striking resemblance.

Its use of New Balance’s proprietary ENCAP technology on the midsole is also notable. This technology provides effective shock absorption and stability, and it does so by evenly distributing pressure along the sole.

The ENCAP technology is basically just EVA encrusted with durable polyutherane so that the midsole’s shape will be retained even under much pressure over time. Not only does ENCAP provide comfort, but it also contributes to durability as well.

New Balance 574 Core History

The 574 is indeed one of New Balance’s most successful releases. In fact, due to the depth and width of its reach and appeal, this shoe has become the iconic face of New Balance. Many fans say that when New Balance comes up in a conversation, the silhouette of the 574 will most probably be the first one that comes to mind.

The original model was released in 1988. It featured an upper that was made of mesh with durable suede overlays. It used the ENCAP technology on the midsole, which provided high levels of shock absorption and running stability.

Through such technologies, the original model was already good performance-wise. The 574, however, did not stop there. It also offered a look that resonated well with many, especially those who want the style to go with any activity.

The New Balance 574 Core retains almost all of the features of the original. This is perhaps the reason why it has Core in its name. With the success that the current version enjoys, the timeless relevance of the 574 is proven once more.

This iteration is available in a variety of colorways for men and women. For women, they can choose from the New Balance 574 Core trainer in black with white, grey with white, navy with white, or the New Balance 574 Core in burgundy with white and overcast. Men, on the other hand, can choose from various colorways which include burgundy, blackout, nimbus cloud, navy, black, and grey.

Additional Info

  • The New Balance 574 Core has a solid rubber outsole that features a unique pattern that enhances friction, protecting the wearer from slips on smooth surfaces.
  • The 574 has a Made in the USA version, which will be good for those who want products that have high domestic value.
  • The mesh upper of the 574 Core ensures breathability; the suede overlays contribute to durability.


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