We spent 8.9 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

8 reasons to buy

  • The NB 410 70s Running Suede has received heaps of praises for its cute colorways as well as sporty and retro aesthetics.
  • The majority of the users have attested that it is among the New Balance sneakers that offer comfortable in-shoe feel.
  • Some have mentioned that the color and unique pattern in the “N” logo has added appeal to the shoe’s already stunning look.
  • This type of Classic NB sneaker looks the same both online and in-person, according to a few. 
  • One wearer likes the shoe’s well-padded heel.
  • When wearing for long city walks and business travel, the shoe performs well, more than a handful has commented.
  • Several have favored the shoe’s lightweight construction.
  • The 410 70s Running Suede is offered at a budget-friendly price.

4 reasons not to buy

  • The sneaker’s toe box is a bit too narrow, more than a handful have advised.
  • In order to get the right fit and level of comfort, the shoe has to be broken in, reported by some users.
  • Few are dismayed with the little to none arch support the NB 410 of the 70s Running Suede has provided.
  • Less than a handful has observed the sneaker’s stiff, short and shallow heel cup.

Bottom line

The release of the New Balance 410 70s Running Suede allows the brand to prove one more time that fashion does not always have to be pricey. A running-inspired sneaker, it caught the attention of sneaker fans around the globe during its launch.

Priced below $70, it is available not only for athletes and the society’s elite but also for the average Joes. Despite issues with the shoe size, width and fit, it remains popular because of its high quality, performance, and combined vintage and chic aesthetics.



Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: New Balance Classic
Price: $65
Colorways: Black, Pink, Silver
Small True to size Large
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With the sneaker’s silhouette taking its roots from a running shoe, expect these kicks to provide adequate support. The New Balance 410 70s Running Suede also ensures to give ample ventilation with its mesh upper. However, the shoe’s narrow toe box may not be able to provide adequate toe room. 

It is available in men’s and women’s sizing.

Consider making the New Balance 410 70s Running Suede everyday footwear. With its lightweight construction, this sneaker promises to keep one’s feet happy all day long.

To top it off, this shoe was also released in various attractive colorways, which include black, silver mink and pink sandstone. Getting noticed can now be done effortlessly with the shoe’s unflashy yet stunning silhouette. Simply pair the shoe with one’s favorite skinny jeans, capri pants, shorts, skirts, and other casual clothing and look stylish and sporty while walking, traveling and doing your day-to-day activities.

Apart from the shoe’s classic suede and breathable mesh upper, the 410 70s Running Suede can also be easily recognized for its dimpled rubber outsole. This gives the sneaker enhanced grip and traction.

The New Balance, for over a century, has been among the most trusted athletic footwear manufacturers in the market. With quality as their top-selling point, the brand ensures that each new product they release boasts of top-grade materials, praiseworthy designs, and better performance.

It is also impressive how this global brand, since inception, was able to live up to its “Endorsed by No One” philosophy. In addition, the company was also able to maintain 70% of its production in the US despite the high cost and the tough competition.

The 410 70s Running Suede, which was created with quality and durability in mind, is among the favorite low top, retro-styled sneakers in the 410 vintage running collection. NB fans can definitely expect finer versions of this product in the future as the people behind the brand continues to upgrade this line to meet the demands of their loyal followers.

  • For additional comfort, the tongue, collar, and footbed of the shoe are padded.
  • The shoe is also lined with breathable textile for an improved in-shoe feel.
  • Optimal fit can be achieved with the sneaker’s lace-up closure.
  • Other distinguishable features of the shoe are the removable insole, the woven logo label on the tongue, the famous “N” logo on the sides and the new balance call-out at the heel tab.