Mizuno Wave Sonic: The Unpretentious Racing Flat

85 / 100 by Shriram Nagarajan • Level 3 expert

I was fortunate enough to test the new iteration of  Mizuno’s racing flatsthe WaveSonic through RunRepeat and this is my introduction to Mizuno’s popular wave series of running shoes.

In the review below, I’d like to go more into detail of the pros and some of its limitations.


The Looks

The shoe looks very minimalist with its approach. The shoe I was given was in flashy red with a fluorescent green sole. 

I’ve seen the same color combination in some of the previous shoes I’ve owned – my NB 890 v2s. 

The Mizuno logo has been moved from the side to further up front and is bigger and bolder, taking some cues from Nike’s design. It looks good though.



... And the Feels - Upper

The upper is made from a material that’s reminiscent of the flyknit from Nike.

The wave-live structure on the upper is quite pleasing to the eye. The upper is super breathable and there is good ventilation throughout.

The construction is molded and there are no visible seams. This contributes towards bringing the overall weight of the shoes to just under 8 ounces (size 10) which are essential for racing shoes.



The lace system is stretchable and held up really snug without losing the tension during my runs.

I washed these shoes before this review and it dried within a few hours. The upper looks and feels solid.

The toe box felt nice and roomy for someone like me who needs to be roomy due to my high arches. Overall, no complaints in the upper department. Mizuno has knocked this out of the park.

Sizing was a tad smaller. Go half a size upper here with Mizuno. The Mizuno Wave Prophecy 6 that I’m testing right now also has the same issue.

The toecap, something often forgotten is nicely glued to the upper and doesn’t feel like it’s going to come off anytime soon.



The tongue is very flat with very minimal cushioning. Mind you, this is a racing flat and it’s paramount to keep the weight to an absolute minimum.

I personally didn’t have any issues with the tongue and it helped the shoe cup my feet nice and snug without constricting too much.



Moving on to the midsole, Mizuno’s famed “wave” technology plate is visibly absent. It’s merely a pattern on the EVA running all around the midsole.

Mizuno’s newly engineered U4icX (pronounced Euphoric, got it?) midsole is firm and this contributes towards the WaveSonic being quite responsive to short sprints.

Those who’re looking for a shoe that’s cushy and “pillowy” should look elsewhere.

The 4mm heel to toe offset is perfect for acceleration during the runs and the transition from strike to toe-off is natural and effortless.

Those who are midfoot to forefoot strikers will be in love this shoe. Once you hit the straps running, the cushioning of the shoe comes into play nicely.

Those who are familiar with Nike Speed TR will appreciate the WaveSonic. I've put some 50ks into these shoes and loved the responsiveness under my feet as soon as I start my sprint.

There isn't a lot of support for some of the overpronators, although the U4icX midsole isn't too forgiving here. The midsole is nice and flexible given its firmness. Mizuno has handled this balance exceptionally well.



My issues with the Mizuno WaveSonic were apparent when I started pushing past 8kms.

I was desperately looking for some cushioning and the firmness of the WaveSonic was telling. I was occasionally heel-striking and my knees started to hurt. This is where I felt if the WaveSonic was too firm for my liking.



The outsole is rugged and has held very well so far. 

As you can see from the picture, the outsole doesn’t appear to have taken all the pounding it had from asphalt and concrete – thanks to the X10 blown rubber used. It has small lugs that helped with traction on some muddy sections.

It is uniform and there were segments along the outline of the outsole giving it the look of a trail-running shoe. It is for this reason that I took these out on a short trail run.

The Mizuno Wave Sonic offered great traction during my run and I almost forgot that I was wearing a racing flat. Kudos to Mizuno here.




The Mizuno WaveSonic is a no-nonsense racing flat that’s great for short to medium runs under 15kms. 

Runners would appreciate the firmness and responsiveness of the shoes and at short runs, the cushioning and responsiveness feels almost magical.

With a super light and breathable upper along with great snug fit, Mizuno’s first iteration of WaveSonic is a step in the right direction. At $100, Mizuno has got its pricing right.

Shriram Nagarajan

Shriram Nagarajan • Level 3 expert

Living in the Waikato region of New Zealand, there's no dearth of places to see and experience. It inspires you every moment to go out and enjoy the outdoors. That's how I got into running. Running is now part of my way of life and I put so much thought and research into the shoes that complement me on my runs.

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