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9 reasons to buy

  • Almost all of the users are in awe of how comfortable the Wave Momentum is for volleyball games.
  • This Mizuno volleyball footwear is described as true to size and fit by a majority of the reviewers.
  • Many shoppers think that this footgear is worth the price because of its quality build.
  • When it comes to durability, droves of owners have reported it lasting several seasons or years.
  • According to numerous volleyball players, wearing this footwear allowed them to jump higher because of the bouncy cushioning.
  • Plenty of athletes appreciate the light and breathable construction of the merchandise.
  • The sticky outsole has delighted a significant number of people because it prevents accidental slippage on the court.
  • A lot of folks like that this model allows the use of athletic ankle braces.
  • Multiple purchasers have mentioned loving the style of this shoe.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few individuals have complained that this volleyball trainer is stiff and needs to be broken in.
  • Despite the cleatie construction, a user has noted that the ankle support is lacking.

Bottom line

Running and jumping are made easy with the Wave Momentum. The combination of a responsive midsole and a high-traction rubber keeps the players ready for action. Overall, the comfort and lockdown provided by this volleyball trainer make it an easy choice for your next purchase.

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User reviews:

Good to know

The Wave Momentum is crafted with continuous movement in mind. It uses technologies that are meant to aid players to perform better during games. The cushioning is engineered to be bouncy, allowing users to last longer as their feet would not quickly tire. 

The lightweight upper is designed to hug the foot to deliver consistent support. There are also ventilation features that aid in delivering a great in-shoe experience. As for the outsole, its stickiness ensures that the foot doesn’t slip during crucial moments.

Another model to consider is the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4. This trainer is also lightweight and has the aeration system in the midsole for added comfort. However, the Wave Lightning Z4 has an edge when it comes to rebound and steadiness because of the advanced Wave midsole component.

Traction and flexibility. The XG Rubber protects the bottom of the Wave Momentum. XG, which stands for the extra grade, is a compound that has been engineered to be durable, allowing it to withstand abrasions from both smooth and rough surfaces. The rubber also has a firm grip on indoor court floors to prevent unintended sliding.

The tread pattern on the outsole amplifies the traction of the underside. The outsole sports a segmented layout that permits the rubber to expand in multiple directions. This layout facilitates proper foot flexion while also keeping it steady during lateral movements.

Rebound. Volleyball is a pretty intense game that requires players to be always ready to move. It employs several layers of responsive cushioning to help the foot recover after landing and be prepared to take the next step. The AP+, the SR touch, and the U4icX are all midsole materials with varying degrees of shock absorption properties.

AP+ is a durable layer with the main purpose of keeping the foot comfortable by decreasing the force of impact. The U4icX is similar to AP+ but is 30% lighter. As for the SR touch, it is also lightweight. What sets this component apart from the other two is that it has a faster rebound property to facilitate a smoother heel-to-toe transition.

Ventilation. The midsole features the Intercool innovation. This aeration system uses ports that connect the midsole and the outsole to regulate temperature and moisture inside the footwear. These channels allow air to pass through and freshen up the interior.

Comfort. The top of the Mizuno Wave Momentum is made of a 3-layer no-sew material. This construction ensures that no seams will irritate the foot during gameplay. By fusing the fabrics, Mizuno was able to keep the weight of the trainer at a minimum. The upper is also breathable to aerate the foot chamber. The walls of the footwear are lined with a smooth fabric that prevents blisters and chafing.

Protection. Synthetic overlays are present on key areas of the upper. They are found on the vamp and the eyelets. They also form a saddle that wraps around the heel and integrates with the top two sets of eyelets. These additions prevent premature deterioration of the underlying fabric. They also help with the heel lockdown and lateral support.

At the toe, a rubber element called the Dura Shield is quite noticeable. This component guards the tip against bumps. It also protects the toe box from abrasion when the player drags their foot during service.

Fit. The upper employs a cleatie construction with a collar that sits closely to the skin. This style delivers a snug fit to help with ankle support and foothold. At the midfoot, the lacing system enhances the tightness and lateral support when the laces are cinched.

  • The Mizuno Wave Momentum also comes in a mid-top silhouette for men.

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