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Weight: Women 10.2oz
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Volleyball is an intense game that can put serious stress on a player’s lower extremities. Mizuno designed the Wave Luminous to reduce impact and prevent injuries and discomfort to the legs and feet.

Its underfoot cushioning is made bouncy to facilitate powerful jumps. The upper is breathable and has overlays that securely hold the foot to keep it steady. This pair of volleyball shoes also supports quick movements due to its grippy outsole. The material bites on the smooth court floor to prevent slippage.

Traction. The Wave Luminous uses a full-length rubber. This compound is crafted to be sticky on hardwood floors like those used on indoor courts. The tread pattern on this shoe helps with multi-directional grip while the circular structures act like suction cups for enhanced adherence to the surface. The use of this type of rubber is crucial to prevent slipping during quick foot movements. It is also non-marking, so no ugly streaks are left on the floor. It wraps up the front, creating a guard against painful bumps.

Steadiness. In the middle of the outsole is the DynaMotion Groove. This furrow improves the flexibility of the underside. This feature facilitates a smooth heel-to-toe transition, as well as side-to-side stability.

Shock-absorption. The Wave Luminous uses the brand’s proprietary Wave midsole technology. This innovation fuses cushioning and stability. It is bouncy which lessens the impact of each foot landing, and at the same time, its undulating design prevents overpronation of the foot.

Foothold. Inside this pair of volleyball shoes is a high-density EVA insert. This component provides a comfortable layer for the foot to rest on. This sockliner also prevents the foot from sliding inside the shoe.

Comfort. The top of the Mizuno Wave Luminous is made from multiple layers of thin textile. This construction allows the upper to remain lightweight without compromising its structure. The materials allow air to pass through and keep the interior aerated for a longer feeling of comfort. The no-sew upper, partnered with soft fabric lining the inside, helps prevent chafing and blisters. 

Protection and lockdown. Synthetic overlays form a protective cage on top of the upper. They reinforce high-wear areas to prevent early deterioration of underlying materials. They also integrate with the lacing system, so when the shoestrings are tightened, the lateral support is amplified. At the heel, the synthetic material creates a cup that steadies the heel during heel landings.

Fit. This volleyball shoe employs the DynamotionFit Cleatie. This construction means that there is no movable tongue on the instep, making it a slip-on trainer. However, the presence of a lacing system allows users to tighten the fit at the midfoot. The tongue and the collar are both lightly padded, which helps with the snug fit.

Mizuno released its first volleyball shoe back in 2003. It was called the Wave Lightning and several iterations have been released since then. The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 is one of the most highly praised models.

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