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5 reasons to buy

  • A majority of reviewers describe the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 as one of the most comfortable shoes they've ever owned.
  • Based on the comments of numerous volleyball players, this trainer has excellent traction on indoor courts.
  • Multiple buyers appreciate the lightness of the footwear because they felt quick on their feet while wearing this trainer.
  • The arch support on this pair of Mizuno volleyball shoes has met the expectations of plenty of people.
  • A lot of consumers like the style and available colorways of this product.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few owners rant about the durability as the upper has torn after a few months of use.
  • The price is a bit expensive for some buyers.

Bottom line

Jumping, running, and aggressive turns won’t cause discomfort because of the updated cushioning unit on the Wave Lightning Z4. The outsole construction also makes it possible for players to move fast without sliding. The cherry on top of this volleyball trainer is that you can look good on the court without sacrificing performance.

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User reviews:

If improving your agility is what you’re looking for in a pair of volleyball shoes, then the Wave Lightning Z4 from Mizuno may be what you need. Overall, it is constructed with lightweight materials like the mesh upper, which also promotes breathability.

The midsole uses several layers of cushioning unit that weigh less than traditional foam but delivers the same amount of shock absorption. As for traction, the carbon rubber underneath the shoe is durable. It is also grippy on polished floors. The underside features several innovations that not only heighten traction but also support the foot’s natural flexibility.

If you like this pair but not the price, the Mizuno Wave Bolt 7 is a close match. It employs almost the same technologies which include the Intercool ventilation midsole but may not be as bouncy.

Traction. The Wave Lightning Z4 employs the X10 outsole. This compound is made of carbon rubber, which is said to be the most durable type of rubber for longer shoe lifespan. It is non-marking and offers maximum traction on indoor court floors. Another innovation used in the outsole is the Sensorpoint. This suspension system connects the Wave plate of the midsole to the ground for enhanced traction and stability. A pivot point is placed under the ball of the foot to reduce grip and promote smooth turns without stressing the knee joint.

Flexibility. There are two elements on the outsole that contribute to its pliability: the D-Flex Groove and the DynaMotion Groove. The D-Flex is a diagonal furrow at the midfoot. It supports lateral movements, thereby facilitating quick cuts and smooth turns.

As for DynaMotion, these are fissures found on the forefoot. They promote natural forward motion while improving the wearer's agility and stability on the court.

Comfort. The foot sits atop an anatomically shaped cup-in sole when wearing the Wave Lightning Z4. This component fits the bottom of the foot to prevent slippage. It is also removable and can be replaced with any insert if desired.

Shock attenuation. The trainer employs two shock-absorbing layers: the SR Touch and the PoWnCe. The SR Touch is an advanced cushioning material that is light and has a fast rebound property. As for the PoWnCe, it is also a lightweight element that has a high resiliency, which helps in the smooth toe-off action. 

Breathability. This volleyball trainer has the Intercool feature. It uses ports that connect the outsole and the midsole to prevent heat and humidity build-up. The ventilation system allows air to circulate and cool the foot chamber. Another model to consider is the Mizuno Wave Momentum. This model also has the Intercool system if breathability is an important factor in your next pair of volleyball shoe.

Stability. Mizuno Wave is a proprietary technology that delivers cushioning and stability. The Parallel Wave iteration enhances that innovation by dispersing shock uniformly while still reducing impact and keeping the foot steady.

Breathability. The Wave Lightning Z4 employs the AIRmesh upper. This fabric allows air to pass through to cool the interior and dissipate the heat from the inside. The interior of the trainer is lined with a soft fabric that also aids in keeping the foot fresh.

Protection. At the front of the shoe is the Dura Shield. This rubber overlay protects the toes against friction and painful bumps.

Lockdown. A centralized lacing system adorns the midfoot. This feature keeps the foot securely inside. It also allows wearers to customize the fit if they need to. A synthetic overlay that integrates with the eyelets wraps around the heel for added support. When the laces are cinched, the heel lockdown is heightened.

Fit.  The interior is padded, which helps with the snug foothold. The shoe also features Mizuno’s DynamotionFit, a technology that allows the upper to fit perfectly onto the foot, so the shoe seamlessly moves with it.

  • Mizuno launched its first volleyball shoe in 2003. The trainer was called the Wave Lightning and it is the original version of the Wave Lightning Z4. Both models sport a low-top profile, but the Wave Lightning Z4 has been updated with revamped Wave technologies. The Wave Lightning Z4 is also more breathable as the mesh material is widely used than in the original.

How Wave Lightning Z4 compares

This shoe: 87
All shoes average: 88
71 98
This shoe: $120
All shoes average: $110
$55 $180
This shoe: 10.2oz
All shoes average: 11.5oz
10.2oz 13.1oz