Who should buy the Mizuno Wave Inspire 16

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 is a breathable and supportive stability road running shoe highly recommended for:

  • maximalist road runners who overpronate and who yearn for a well-cushioned ride
  • those who are into long slow distance running to build some mileage in preparation for marathon races

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 mizuno

Uncluttered new look

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 has a modern look and feel. The Mizuno Wave Inspire series is one of Mizuno’s longest-standing stability running shoe lines.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 modern look and feel

This stability running shoe is praised for having an uncluttered look that is appealing to the eyes.

Wave Inspire 16 offers an irritation-free ride

In its 16th iteration, the Wave Inspire comes with an all-new, contemporary upper design that features the following:

  • seamless construction for an irritation-free ride
  • fewer overlays for a cleaner design and a lighter feel
  • a new internal toe cap for a sleeker look compared to its predecessor, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 15

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 offers an irritation-free ride

Durability issues of the outsole rubber

Some testers have noted that the outsole rubber has quickly separated from the midsole after merely a few uses.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Durability issues of the outsole rubber

The toe box of this shoe is apparently a source of discomfort as it tended to bunch the toes together. 

Great for overpronators

The Wave Inspire 16 is excellent for individuals who tend to slightly overpronate (when the foot mildly or moderately rolls inward), but it can also be appropriate for neutral runners who need just a little support.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Great for overpronators

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 is lauded for providing responsible stability throughout the running session.

Responsive and supportive midsole 

Most people report that in-shoe quivering is prevented thanks to the padded tongue and collar and the supportive upper construction.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Responsive and supportive midsole 

Several consumers have noticed the responsive and supportive midsole unit. The lightweight configuration of this Mizuno running shoe is appreciated by those who don’t want a cumbersome stability shoe.

Reliable daily trainer

The Wave Inspire 16 has the same awesome fit that Mizuno always offers. For anyone who likes a “classic” style of a daily trainer that can handle the miles with reliable stability, cushioning and a touch of responsiveness, this Mizuno shoe fits the bill.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Reliable daily trainer

It is suitable for running and walking on road surfaces. The shoe can also accommodate gym sessions, work, and casual wear. 

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 offers a sock-like fit

In addition to the enhanced look and performance of the new Wave Inspire, a Waveknit version of this year’s edition is also created.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 offers a sock-like fit

Instead of engineered mesh, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Waveknit utilizes a knitted top for a natural and sock-like fit.