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Mizuno Wave Hayate 5 is a decent shoe with some great parts, but just not good enough for anything substantial on the trails.

Comfort 6/10

Out of the box, the Mizuno Wave Hayate 5 looks and feels good. Unfortunately, these do not last.



Over the first few km during the first run, there were a few small puddles on the ground, and even the slightest splash of water on the upper comes right through.

It feels almost as if the water is directly hitting your sock with no shoe on!

This dampness exposed what for me was the biggest weakness of the shoe: once wet, I found my foot moving around considerably within the shoe.

I did stop and retied my laces in an attempt to prevent the movement. However, only applied a little more pressure across the top of my foot directly below the laces.

The movement was in all directions. My heel slips in the heel cup when turning or on uneven ground. Also, my toes hit the front of the toe box on descents.

Lastly, the tongue, in spite of being semi-integrated similar to a liner with elastic, slips down to the outer side of each. 

It is not causing any particular discomfort during this run, but would always concern me that it might cause chaffing and blisters on longer runs.

Upper 4/10

The upper is a nice, soft, flexible, woven structure, which is highly breathable. It features some laminated synthetic areas, which I think may have been to add some structure and possible water resistance.

However, the shoe did not have any water resilience or resistance from my experience.



The tongue is semi-integrated with elastic connectors running down to the soleplate, much like a sock liner design hybrid. This certainly did not seem to secure the tongue during use.

And on every run, I found the tongue slipping to the outside of the shoe after a few minutes.

Insole 6/10

The insole is simple and light, but it, too, moves around noticeably within the shoe during use—most dramatically when wet. This could be attributed to the smooth underside.

This flaw could be rectified by glueing in the insole. I have not yet tried this approach with this shoe, but have had great results doing the same with other shoes.

Sole 9/10

The sole is hands-down the best part of this shoe. It is Michelin branded and provides a fantastic balance of flexibility and grip.

It felt sure and confident on a range of surfaces in the wet and dry and only lost traction on pure slick rock. It clears water, mud, and gravel with ease.

Moreover, I encountered no clogging at all over just under 100km of running.



The only reason I have marked it down is that after just under 100km, there are visible signs of wear on the heel. Considering that only about 20km of use has been on tarmac (asphalt), I felt this was a little soon to see these signs.

However, it is understandable that to have the flexibility and perfect grip, the compound may be a little on the softer side of the average trail shoe sole.

Durability 7/10

The Mizuno Wave Hayate 5 appears to be a relatively robust shoe. After just under 100km of running, there were no signs of wear and tear on the upper (and it did tackle some overgrown trails).



The only small wear was visible on the heel of the sole, most likely from steep descending on stony/gravelly ground.


It is not a shoe I would recommend. There are better options out there. But, I will be keeping an eye on future releases from Mizuno, which are combined with the Michelin sole.

If only they can adapt the upper to hold the foot more securely in place, this would be an excellent shoe.

Best for

Dry, groomed trails for shorter runs.

Struggles on

Anything even mildly damp and particularly over longer distances.

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Hi! I'm Simon. I have been active all my life and have always done any and every sport I can, from track and field (sprints to pole vault) to Soccer, Cricket and everything in between! I've been running road and trail races since 2004. I average at 40-60 km a week, mostly on trails. I’ve participated in lots of varying distances, but my real love is ultra trail running. My favorite events so far are The Kerry Way Ultra in Ireland and the Haria Extreme in Lanzarote.

Good to know

  • Mizuno has retained some of the features from the previous version but has also redesigned the Wave Hayate 5 with a more modern design.    The main changes of these Mizuno Wave Hayate 5 will focus on the shoe's upper, with a cleaner design, fewer seams and something more structured, at least with the naked eye.
  • The forefoot area is now covered with the ESS Rock Plate which is a small platform inserted in the shoe's forefoot to protect the foot from impacts from rocks and stones. This also helps in giving the shoe structure, and it helps guarantee safety when running on more technical terrain.
  • Although when it comes to the midsole of these Mizuno Wave Hayate 5, they remain the same as the previous version, a 9mm drop midsole that plays with the AP+ compound to give that proper balance between dynamics and cushioning
  • The Wave Hayate 5's outsole sole is also still committed to the Michelin compound since it has always worked well on many terrains.
  • Another of the excellent improvement points in this trail running shoe is the shooter that has been introduced in the second eyelet, theoretically to improve this shoe's fit.

The Mizuno Wave Hayate 5 comes in medium width D for men’s and medium width B for the women’s versions. This shoe caters to runners with foot volumes that are low to moderate because of its snug structure in the midfoot and heel areas. It is still always suggested though that to get the best fit, trying on a pair in one’s local running shoe store and reading about other user’s reviews would greatly help.

The Wave Hayate 5 has incorporated the Micheline outsole which was aggressively designed to provide exceptional traction, grip, and protection on every type of surface. This outsole material is also expected to withstand a heavy beating in all weather conditions, especially on the rainy running seasons.

In addition to the Michelin outsole, the Wave Hayate 5 also uses the XtaRide. It is an exclusive trail concept design by Mizuno featuring their X lugs and Xta groove. These uniquely engineered outsole features allow the shoes to naturally adapt to its surroundings and become in sync with the runner's body and movement.

The Wave Hayate 5 uses Mizuno's unique Wave midsole technology. It provides both the cushioning and stability for this trail running shoe. The Wave has a unique shape that distributes the impact evenly away from the floor for a smoother, more cushioned feel on every step.

The Concave Wave has also been integrated into the shoe's midsole, which serves as the structural support mechanism that lessens the impact received over uneven surfaces. The Concave Wave has been engineered with a unique design so that it protects the runner's foot while at the same time facilitating a seamless heel to toe transition in every stride.

The Wave Hayate 5 has also made use of Mizuno's  AP+ technology. It is the shoe's technology which is responsible for providing a smooth ride, superb cushioning, exceptional comfort levels, and a huge improvement in the shoe's durability.

The Mizuno Wave Hayate 5 was made for competitive trail runners looking for a fast and aggressive shoe yet lightweight.  Just like the popular Mizuno road running shoe, the Wave Creation 20, the Wave Hayate 5's upper is constructed with breathable air mesh material that does not only provide a comfortable fit, but it also guarantees to maintain a quality standard of breathability. This material makes sure that there is a constant circulation of cool, fresh air while pushing out hot, stuffy air that stays within the shoe during high-intense workouts and activities.

The Hayate Wave 5's upper is also engineered with the Dynamotion Fit system. This is an advanced shoe technology developed by Mizuno that uses biomechanics technology and motion capture.  The Dynamotion Fit system has been designed to mirror the foot's natural movement while running. It provides a second skin-like feel, and it offers a secure fit that will allow the runner to maintains a free range of motion. With these said, the Mizuno Dynamotion Fit system quite literally works with the runner's feet.


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