Mizuno TC-02 vs. TC-01

The TC-02 came together with its TC-01 counterpart, ushering in the brand’s line of training footwear. Both shoes were designed with stability and balance in mind featuring Mizuno’s innovative C.O.B. midsole.

Mizuno TC-02 tc02 vs

The difference between the two models lies in the upper construction. The TC-02 comes with a more traditional mesh upper design while the TC-01 uses a knit material and a tongue-less bootie silhouette.

The simpler upper design of the TC-02 also makes it a more cost-efficient model as it comes with a $40 cheaper price tag than the TC-01.

Mizuno TC-02 tc02 vs2

Good grip and ground contact

The Mizuno TC-02 employs a rather standard rubber outsole. It covers the full length of the platform, protecting it against the wear and tear of regular workout sessions.

Mizuno TC-02 tc02 traction

The outsole doesn’t have any aggressive treads as it is constructed for indoor use mostly. Thus, it is reported to decently grip any sort of gym flooring. Its shallow diamond pattern is also meant to keep the foot stable during weightlifting by providing a more sensitive ground contact.

Designed with balance in mind

This part houses the cornerstone technology of the trainer – the Mizuno C.O.B. The abbreviation stands for “Center of Balance” and is based on extensive research conducted by the company in the area of foot movement. Having concluded that balance is the key to success in any type of training, Mizuno constructed a midsole that promotes body awareness and stability.

The upper part of the C.O.B. midsole is covered in sensor pod clusters which deliver instant ground feedback to the foot. That way, the wearer can make quick adjustments to stabilize the foot and body, thus maintaining balance throughout the workout.

Mizuno TC-02 tc02 midsole2

The heel-to-toe differential is also kept to a minimum in the TC-02. The shoe stays on the track with most CrossFit trainers on the market by employing the 4-mm drop. It also contributes to the better ground feel as it places the foot nearly parallel to the floor.

To make sure the foot stays comfortably padded throughout the training session, the midsole itself is made of soft polyurethane material. It provides ample cushioning and flexibility without detracting from stability. A very thin and light foam footbed is also added for extra comfort.

TC-02 offers a very secure fit

The Mizuno TC-02 uses multiple components to deliver a snug and secure fit. Inside, the foot is wrapped up by the Internal Support Straps. They are strategically placed at the midfoot to minimize the undesirable side-to-side sliding of the foot. Meanwhile, the lightly cushioned collar and tongue offer a soft lockdown around the ankle.

Mizuno TC-02 tc02 fit

On the outside, the trainer is covered in a two-layered mesh material. It is designed to wrap the foot snugly while still allowing for decent ventilation. The Hotmelt panels are added around the toes, the heel, and the eyestay to protect the material from early deterioration.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 13oz / Women 10oz
Drop: 4mm
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Jun 2019
Features: Low drop
BRAND Brand: Mizuno

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