Top: Low
Surface: Indoor
Collection: Mizuno Sala
Lacing System: Laced
Price: $50
Brand: Mizuno
Colorways: Black, Multi
Small True to size Large
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  • The Mizuno Sala Premium 3 Indoor wears a design that is fitting for the professional player. Apart from its classy aesthetics, this indoor contender promises utmost comfort for its wearer, alongside maximum flexibility for the best experience on the pitch.
  • One of the main features of this soccer cleat is its synthetic upper, with an added finish of synthetic leather around the toes. This toe overlay works to preserve the shape of the cleat. It also ensures durability that allows the shoe to withstand normal wear and tear. Additionally, the upper facilitates an overall improved ball handling experience.
  • Another feature of this low top soccer cleat is the traditionally set laces located on the midfoot. This lace-up closure helps improve the fit as it also allows for some degree of customization. Also found on the midfoot is a standard tongue that gives light cushioning on contact areas of the foot.
  • For its base, this Mizuno cleat has been fitted with a full-length gum rubber outsole. With this sole unit, the foot is brought closer to the ground for better responsiveness. Moreover, the combination of linear and circular patterns on the sole enable players to get maximum grip on hard, indoor surfaces.

Set in a men’s and women’s version, the Mizuno Sala Premium 3 Indoor comes in the standard sizes, from 6 to 12. It also offers medium width and fits true to its size. This soccer cleat is equipped with a synthetic upper that wraps comfortably around the foot. It also relies on a central lacing system to keep the fit snug without compromising mobility and comfort.

This soccer cleat has been designed with a gum rubber outsole that boasts of its durable make. The sole unit brings the foot closer to the ground for a more responsive feel. As for grip, this soccer cleat incorporates a combination of linear and circular patterns spread throughout the sole to deliver traction for quick directional shifts and pivots.

The upper of the Mizuno Sala Premium 3 Indoor is lined with lightweight leather material that offers premium comfort. The toe is reinforced with an overlay of synthetic leather to make it more durable. This added detail also allows better retention of the cleat’s shape. Additionally, the material on the upper offers high reactivity during ball contact, improving overall control.

The upper also highlights a central lace-up closure that makes sure the foot is securely in place. It also works to allow for more personalization in fit. Meanwhile, a basic tongue serves to provide minimal padding over areas of the midfoot that touch the ball.

  • The Mizuno Sala Premium 3 Indoor weighs 230 grams.
  • This soccer cleat is available in two colorways, Blue Jewel / Black , and White / Billiard / Black.