Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Mizuno Rebula
Lacing System: Laced
Price: $60
Brand: Mizuno
Colorways: Multi
Small True to size Large
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  • The Mizuno Rebula v3 is built to keep up with the advancing game of Soccer and the players’ evolving style of play. This soccer cleat masterpiece from Mizuno is “everything” as what they call it - agility, ball control, acceleration, and quality. It is packed with features to answer to the modern game.
  • Carrying the same DNA of the Rebula series, the Rebula v3 features a 3D texture on its upper to possess the same looks with the old Rebula. It uses synthetic leather upper for a soft feel on foot. This CT-Frame inspired texture applied within the synthetic leather layer gives this cleat a slick yet innovative look.
  • ZeroGlide is another key feature found in this soccer cleat. This removable sock liner is meant to provide increased foothold and excellent comfort.
  • For better traction on the grass, this soccer cleat advances an oval stud configuration making it perfect for both artificial and real grass surfaces. It is also specifically engineered with a D-Flex groove in its midfoot area allowing the player to efficiently transfer natural body movement and change direction. This enables the player to achieve maximum speed and power

With its high-quality grip grain synthetic leather upper, the Mizuno Rebula v3 provides an excellent fit while maintaining a soft feel on foot. Its ZeroGlide sock liner took the obligation for its maximum comfort and increased foothold. Its sizes range from 6.5 to 12, 13 for men. According to many wearers, this soccer cleat is for the wide-footed.

For better traction on grass, this soccer cleat has an outsole equipped with an oval stud configuration. The studs are patterned strategically to achieve appropriate traction for firm natural grounds. For this soccer cleat, Mizuno built an outsole that is credible for power and maximum speed.

The upper of the Mizuno v3 employs a 3D textured synthetic leather upper that provides not only excellent fit but also an innovative look. It is incorporated with a ZeroGlide sock liner to achieve a high level of comfort and increased foothold. The entire upper of this soccer cleat is engineered for comfort, grip, and performance to cater to the always evolving style of play in the soccer world.

In its midfoot area, you will notice the diagonal grooves. It is there to aid quick turns and natural body movements.